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H!P Kids Costume Review

Hi! Well, this is mainly a Berryz costume review since they’re aren’t many C-ute costume pictures out recently. There’s also some Buono! stuff and costumes from the joint concert for good measure. The White Uniforms The Good: These are very … Continue reading

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H!P Summer 2010 Costume Review

Hello~! I figured I should do one of these before I go off to college and just frequent H!O. Between skating team, classes, clubs, and football, I won’t have much time to write anything, so just expect mini posts or … Continue reading

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Recent Costumes- Spring 2011

Hi! So, you like my costume reviews, I hear? Well, I’m not going to go through all of the costumes from the spring tours, but the most memorable ones. Berryz Koubou Spring 2011 Ringmaster Berryz The Good:¬†Finally some Berryz costumes … Continue reading

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Winter 2011 Costume Extravaganza~!

Hello~! Well, here’s my (hopefully well-awaited) winter costume post. There’s tons of pictures, and lots of me trying to be funny. So sit back, relax, read, and enjoy. Risa Niigaki’s Princess Dress The Good: This dress looks absoultely stunning on … Continue reading

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