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3 Fandom Things That Drive Me Crazy

Hi! This was just something I felt that I needed to write, due to my annoyance in trying to find anything idol-related on YouTube. 1. Fandubbing This section has been edited to be less irrationally angry THIS. I hate fandubbing.¬†Okay, … Continue reading

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S/mileage, S/mileage, S/mileage

With the start of a new year, there’s usually lots going on in the idol-verse. AKB is selling well, and a few AKB members are sleeping over with and wotaing over Hello!Project members. Sayumi Michishige and Tanaka Reina themselves are … Continue reading

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Midori Has Moved!

Hi! Since Vox closed, I have decided to move my blog to wordpress, so here I am. The archives for my vox blog have been moved to here: http://greenlimes.typepad.com/blog/ I will be blogging more (Hopefully once a week) than I … Continue reading

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