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Tumblr Blog

Hi! I felt I’d be more motivated to post if I did short bursts of posting. So, the solution to that is my new Tumblr: Each post will have one costume reviewed, and when a set is complete, all the reviews … Continue reading

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Seriously Guys

Stop. Just stop. It’s so annoying when you complain about line distribution and say “stop giving those two popular girls all the lines.” WELL, I have something to tell you. The idol business is a business. The company makes the … Continue reading

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Is Buono’s Line Distribution Really That Unfair?

Since there’s been much debate about how many lines Airi’s gotten in “Natsu Dakara,” I’ve decided to do a few of my own calculations. Does Airi getting 9 lines in the new single to Miyabi and Momoko’s 4 really mean … Continue reading

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Why Dream Morning Musume Isn’t My Favorite Spin-Off Ever

Another day, another post. This time, it’s an editorial about why I choose to ignore Dream Morning Musume. I suppose I should love Dream Morning Musume- they are made of mostly “golden age” members, and I love all but two … Continue reading

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I Have No Excuse, But I Brought Something

Hello! As I said in the title, I have no good excuse for why I have neglected my blog, but here’s a little treat while I try to work on constructive stuff, for this blog and elsewhere… -Midori

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Update on AKB48 Fashion Post

Well, as you can tell, this post is… 5? weeks overdue. To put it simply, I can’t find any good stage pictures of AKB48. If you have a good source, just send me the link. Thanks!

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For Your Reading Pleasure…

Well, since I’m back into blogging, I would like to hear what you would like to hear me post about!

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