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Hello!Project Mega Costume Review

Hi! Sorry this took so long. Between anime conventions, masquerade skits, and my summer job, it’s been harder than I thought to find time to write. But here I am, writing a new post for you guys to finish these … Continue reading

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H!P Kids Costume Review

Hi! Well, this is mainly a Berryz costume review since they’re aren’t many C-ute costume pictures out recently. There’s also some Buono! stuff and costumes from the joint concert for good measure. The White Uniforms The Good: These are very … Continue reading

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Morning Musume Spring 2012 ~Ultra Smart~ Breakdown

Hi all! Before I get to the rest of the costume reviews, I thought I’d throw this in here for good measure. This review is based off of the USB recording, and I don’t know if I’ll do the grad … Continue reading

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Morning Musume and DMM Costume Review

Hello! I guess I will get this post in tonight. Fyi, this post does not include all costumes from DMM, simply because I just didn’t want to bother with all of them. Most of their costumes are just “meh,” so … Continue reading

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Morning Musume Sales VS. Member Additions/Graduations

Hi! I decided to make a chart to see if Graduations/Additions of certain members actually had an impact on sales, or if there was a trend at all. Here are my findings. (I made a second graph from 2007-2011 since … Continue reading

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New Banners!

So, I’ve made a few new banners for the site. Please vote on which one you want to grace the top of the site from now on! -Midori

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Morning Musume 10th Generation Thoughts

Hihi! 14 Credits and a week ahead on homework is conducive to blogging. So here’s my initial thoughts on the 10th gen!Iibuko Haruna Singing: 5/10 Haruna’s definitely one of the weaker singers in the group right now, but she wasn’t chosen … Continue reading

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