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Tumblr & Cosplay tutorial

For everyone that wonders why I don’t post that much, well, I do post in other places. I will still post my costume reviews on this blog periodically, and I plan to write one up very soon. As for where … Continue reading

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Hello Everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it. Well, I’m happy to announce that my most popular series – my costume review series – will be updated with three new posts soon. Finals week is coming up next week, so … Continue reading

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New Banners!

So, I’ve made a few new banners for the site. Please vote on which one you want to grace the top of the site from now on! -Midori

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A Post Full of Poof

So, pettipond, a site for all-things petticoats has linked me! (I love that site by the way- there’s some beautiful dresses and wonderful old photos. To respond to their update regarding Japanese wedding gowns- Japanese brides often wear the tra … Continue reading

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5 Days for 5 Years

Hello! Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up here! This year is my 5th anniversary of being a wota, so I’m going to make a wonderful blogging series for all of my readers, and all of IW’s readers about who … Continue reading

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NTV Best Artist Award Voting!

Hi! Just a quick update and guide to Voting for NTV’s Best Artist Awards 2010! In order to vote for your favorite artists (aka Idols), Just follow this quick and easy guide: [First, you’ll need to open the pop-up from … Continue reading

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Intro to the AKB48 Fashion Posts

Hi! Well, I’ve found more than enough pictures of AKB stage costumes, and I’m loving them! So, this will be a posting series rather than a single post. I’m impressed with what I see, and I’m really excited to start … Continue reading

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Karaoke Subs

Since I’ve always found them to be kinda fun, I decided to start doing karaoke subs on H!P songs that wouldn’t be subbed otherwise. Therefore, my YouTube channel is here:Ā if you would like to see the PVs that I … Continue reading

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Midori Has Moved!

Hi! Since Vox closed, I have decided to move my blog to wordpress, so here I am. The archives for my vox blog have been moved to here: I will be blogging more (Hopefully once a week) than I … Continue reading

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