Tumblr & Cosplay tutorial

For everyone that wonders why I don’t post that much, well, I do post in other places. I will still post my costume reviews on this blog periodically, and I plan to write one up very soon.

As for where else I do post, I plan to make an H!P related Tumblr someday, but for now, here’s a link to my personal Tumblr that contains very little H!P, and  more just me reblogging stuff I like.

Also, exciting news! I am making One.Two. Three. Cosplays for my older sister, myself, and a friend. As such, I decided that I’ll keep you guys updated on progress and how to do each step in the costume. (Along with the materials  and patterns I used/drafted.) Right now, only one skirt and the patterns are done, and no more work will be done until December 15th (at least), so hang tight on that note.

If you have any other H!P costumes you would like me to make tutorials on, please do suggest things through Tumblr or here. Of course, I can’t make them all, and I’m only going to spend the money on ones I like, but you’re still free to suggest. Since my abs aren’t amazing, if you request any tummy action, those costumes will be made for my sister or one of my friends (or you, if you send me the money to make it.)

So, love you all!


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