Hello!Project Mega Costume Review

Hi! Sorry this took so long. Between anime conventions, masquerade skits, and my summer job, it’s been harder than I thought to find time to write. But here I am, writing a new post for you guys to finish these up.

Single Costumes

Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku Outer

The Good: These costumes are elegant, well put together, and generally fit the group very well. The detail in these dresses is nice, and the décor isn’t over the top. The group colors with subtle design changes for each group looks really nice, too.

The Bad: Mano’s color stands out, but being a soloist, she looks really weird in it. I think giving her a color like black or purple would have made her look more like a member of the group as a whole while making her still noticeable. Her mustard color on this dress is downright ugly, to boot. The lace bodices, skirts, and delicate flowers also provide an interesting and not entirely pleasant contrast to the sequin belts. Furthermore, I get that these are only cover-ups, but it would be awesome if random straps didn’t awkwardly cross the neck area not covered by the dresses.

Overall: 3.5/5 They are good as a whole, but minor issues that you’d have to look hard to see do present themselves

How Drunk Were They? Well, they have to be drunk if they think that a sequin belt goes with delicate fabrics and patterns.

Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku Inner

The Good: These are sexy, but not too sexy for the younger members. The bits of black hanging off provide a good contrast to the all of the main colors, and provides a dramatic stage effect when all of the members turn to the side to show only the black fabric on the costumes. (After the extra black fabric for the concert was added, of course.) The subtle hair accessories and varied boots and colors make for a colorful and fun stage without overwhelming the eyes. I particularly love the chains and patches added for the concert. Also, that fabric is pretty cool when you look closely at it – the color isn’t fabric, it’s all sequins!!!

The Bad: As I’m sure you’ve heard me complain about before, there’s something as too many accessories. Also, those ugly striped socks should be nowhere near these. (You know which ones.)

Overall: 4.5/5 If they had restrained themselves on the number of patches and chains and random socks

How Drunk Were They? Sober during the initial design, but for the concert revamp, they must have been so drunk they didn’t notice they had already put accessories on.

Renai Hunter Outfits

The Good: These are really cool and fun. I also like how the generations were separated by color, adding some extra color and variety to the costumes. The visors, the hairstyling, and those awesome boots were perfect additions to these costumes, too.

The Bad: Notice that ugly butt bulge? Yeah, I did too. Now, what is it, you ask? Well, let me tell you. It is a lace-up portion on the back of the shorts so that they would fit right. I’m not quite sure about that choice. They could’ve added the lacing to places that wouldn’t have made a bulge, added an invisible zipper instead, or just found a stretchy silver fabric instead. Also, having something other than stars in the colored portions would’ve been nice, like rhinestones.

Overall: 3/5 Construction problems and planning issues drag these costumes down a few ranks, but I still view them favorably.

How Drunk Were They? Not necessarily drunk, but definitely stupid.

One Two Three Costumes

The Good: These are a good mix of sexy and cool, and they really show what Morning Musume is at its 50th single: cool, cute, sexy, mature, and young all in one costume. The ruffled corset-like bodice is sexy and adorable, while the black and white miniskirt matches perfectly. The subtle addition of the member colors in lacy gloves, bows, and hair accessories is nice, but not overwhelming. The colorful boots draw your eyes down, but when paired with the stockings make a perfect zettai ryouiki look for the wota, and when the fans’ eyes are drawn to that, it’s a good thing. (For them, at least.) The hair styling and make-up is perfect (with one exception), and each girl looks their best,

The Bad: While not noticeable in the pictures, the dance shot makes it obvious that the skirts are sewn way too high on the bodice. While this does make an illusion of longer legs, that’s only if you only look at the legs, and in this case it wasn’t executed well enough for it to be a good illusion. As for the exception for the hair, what’s up with Zukki’s? It looks like she’s about to go on some kids show segment or something, not dance to a cool song.

Overall: 4.5/5 These are great for Morning Musume’s 50th. I only wish the skirts weren’t as high up.

How Drunk Were They? Don’t know if the costume people were, but Zukki’s hairstylist had to have been drunk to think of that one…

Be Genki

The Good: These are pretty decent as far as idol superhero costumes go: they have capes, they have a pretty superheroish design, and they fit everyone.

The Bad: These are nothing nearly as good as what they’ve worn as superhero outfits in the battle concerts. I mean, if you want to do superheroes and your group already has superhero “identities,” why not use them and their color schemes? And then there’s the awkward shoulder padding. It’s ugly and awkward, not superhero like. A pressing question: why superhero costumes at all? This single sounded not epic at all. I mean, like, not made for superhero costumes.

Overall: 3/5 Good, but not as good or as fitting for the single as they could be.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to think that these costumes fit this song.

Kimi wa Jitensha … de Kitaku

The Good: These are sexy, mature, beautiful, well-fitting, and all-together awesome. This is what C-ute should wear all the time considering how sexy and awesome their music is. These aren’t sexy in a “here I am, guys” way; these are sexy in a very mature, subtle way. The red jacket with the black lace of the top and some of the skirts are great in creating a mature but not slutty image.

The Bad: First of all, skirts can be short and sexy without being quite that shirt. Also, this single isn’t really that sexy of a single, so they don’t fit that well.

Overall: 4/5 These are sexy, but the song isn’t sexy, but they still look really good.

How Drunk Were They? If it says anything about how drunk they were, they thought a ballad was sexy. Or maybe they just think of sexy differently than I do.

Deep Mind

The Good: These outfits are perfect for Buono! – they scream both “punk” and “idol.” They’re black and dark red plaid, they have chains, and yet they still have frills and poof to them. What makes them better is how well they fit each girl and her personality – Momoko’s is cute, Miyabi’s is fit for a diva, and Airi’s is pure idol.

The Bad: These look slightly awkward in motion, but it doesn’t distract from the dance.

Overall: 4.9/5 I would’ve liked to see these look better in motion, but they look so good otherwise it’s easy to overlook.

How Drunk Were They? Pretty sober

Dot Bikini

The Good: These are really cute, and really fun for S/mileage. They are also bikinis with dots on them, which fits the song title quite nicely. Aside from those fits, they also fit well on the girls while not being too too skimpy for a single outfit. The miniskirts also help fit S/mileage’s miniskirt theme very well and move nicely in the music video.

The Bad: I loved the design and make of these outfits, but I could’ve liked them even more if they had sarongs for skirts over bikini shorts or something that didn’t make the skirt look like one of those skorts everyone wore in 5th grade. And while red is a nice color on most people, considering the youth and energy that S/mileage embraces, it would’ve been fun to have some variety in color, or at least making the bikinis a shade of pink or yellow. Since this is S/mileage we’re talking about, and S/mileage has some wacky PVs, it would’ve also been fun to have seen some multi-colored polka dots instead of white ones, even.

Overall: 4.5/5 but with some improvements that could’ve put these over the top

How Drunk Were They? Sober

Cha Cha Sing Outfits

The Good: These are sexy while fitting the theme. Underneath the gold layers of the skirt, the girls are wearing short pencil skirts that show their legs nicely. The legs are showed off even more by the heels that they’re wearing. The tops are also pretty fitted underneath the mini jackets they’re wearing, and the jackets draw attention to that area. The headpieces and the jackets fit the song, that they are emphasizing for its country of origin – Thailand.

The Bad: I’m not a huge fan of the fabric coming off of the wristbands. It would have been nice if it had something to do with the dance or if the type of fabric was lighter and the fabric flowed better. Just a tip: if you have long pieces of fabric hanging off of your costume, it would be nice if they moved well.

Overall: 4.5/5 They look good, but it would be nice if those wrist bands wouldn’t have awkward pieces of fabric hanging off.

How Drunk Were They? Sober. Unless those wrist bands were a mistake.

Concert Outfits

Black and White Group Costumes

The Good: These are fierce, sparkly, cute, and intense all in one. They could really be used for any song they’re needed for. These costumes fit well, form a good group image well, and all in all work together well. I really like the color scheme and the design of the costumes as a whole, and the fact that the pattern is made with sequins is rather nice. The accessories don’t take away from the costumes one bit, and the whole image that is created with this set fits the concert nicely.

The Bad: A few girls have some awkward garters on the top of their boots.

Overall: 4.9/5 There are extremely minor details that could be fixed, but these are very good for an H!P concert.

How Drunk Were They? Sober

The Sparkly Fringe Costumes

The Good: These are generally fitted well, they have good colors, and they aren’t insane. Well, maybe a little.

The Bad: Fringe and sparkles rarely go together well. And when they do, the sparkles are in a trim. There’s certainly not stars sewn on randomly or really fake neon hair extensions, either. Oh, and can someone please explain to me why someone thought having a pair of pants with one leg cut off was a good idea? Furthermore, feathers don’t usually look good on anything, and they certainly don’t look good with sparkles and flapper fringe.

Overall: 2/5 Some good ideas went into this, but there were some very bizarre choices, too.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to get bad hair extensions from a party store along with feather boas and stars and decided to glue them to the costumes.


The summer 2012 costumes will be reviewed when all of them have good pictures, but hopefully pretty soon.


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  1. NyNy says:

    Nice analysis. My favourite outfits are the Mobekimasu Inner and Outer, Cha Cha Sing and Kimi wa Jitensha … de Kitaku.

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