Seriously Guys

Stop. Just stop.

It’s so annoying when you complain about line distribution and say “stop giving those two popular girls all the lines.”

WELL, I have something to tell you. The idol business is a business. The company makes the vast majority of their money from Japanese fans. The Japanese fans like those two girls. A lot. So it makes sense to prominently feature them. Because the wota will buy more if their favorite member is featured. And those two members have the most wota.

Deal with it people. If you can’t, don’t be an idol fan.

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4 Responses to Seriously Guys

  1. Jay says:

    That doesn’t make it right. As a business you would think they would know that the other girls have fans as well who want to hear their voices (not it group lines). Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean other people don’t.

    • midorigirl says:

      It doesn’t matter if it’s right or not – it matters if it makes them money. This method makes them money. Sure the other girls have fans, and their fans make the group money, but they don’t make the group money through their singing. Sayumi gets fans/money through TV appearances. Erina makes money for the group from her TV appearances with the group. Haruka makes money by being featured in the stage plays. Just because Reina and Riho get their money from the thing us foreign fans see/hear most doesn’t make it unfair. Business is unfair. Life is unfair. Deal with it or don’t be an idol fan is all I’m saying.

      • Jay says:

        Just like you have the right not to like people complaining, those people also have the right to complain about not liking the line distribution. They would make money just the same if they gave the other girls lines. They might even make a little more. I will continue to be a fan of any idol I like and when I see something in that group that I don’t like I should be able to voice what I think as many times as I want.

      • midorigirl says:

        You do have a right to groan and moan, but I don’t want to hear it.
        And they would make money, but they wouldn’t make as much.
        It just pisses me off that people just keep complaining like it will change something. Or that people complain as if the girls are entitled to lines, but they aren’t entitled to the lines. All of the girls tried out knowing that they could get lines or they might not get lines, but that they still wanted to be an idol. And the Japanese fans don’t seem to mind it when their favorite girl doesn’t get lines – Sayumi hardly got any lines what so ever before 9th gen joined, but because of variety TV, she has more lines than anyone. There are more than one way to please wotas. If you want to complain that what you like isn’t where that girl gets her wotas, then complain elsewhere, or make your own blog, because it is just what happens, so you’ll have to deal with it while letting people that have accepted that the [idol] world isn’t fair not have to listen to it.

        Because I know for me, there’s nothing more annoying than a fan complaining about things not being fair – complaining about unfairness is one of the most juvenile things I see from the international fanbase, and if only because the only people I see complaining that things aren’t fair are in elementary school.

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