H!P Kids Costume Review


Well, this is mainly a Berryz costume review since they’re aren’t many C-ute costume pictures out recently. There’s also some Buono! stuff and costumes from the joint concert for good measure.

The White Uniforms

The Good: These are very clean and crisp. They look professional, and they fit well. These costumes also look really organized on stage – they create a cohesive image, but they separate the groups from each other.

The Bad: These costumes are really boring. They bring nothing unexpected to the table, and white is just really… bland… on stage. I really dislike how boring they look, particularly when they were worn for exciting and hyper songs in what was billed as a “roller-coaster medley.”

Overall: 3/5 There’s nothing amazing about these, but there’s nothing bad other than their sheer boringness.

How Drunk Were They? Not.

The Rainbow Barfing Costumes

The Good: These costumes have some good designs for them. Captain’s costume shows off her tummy nicely, or how other costumes have skirts and shorts cut at a length that complements the girls’ legs nicely. The skirts also have the perfect amount of floof under them – they have volume, but aren’t huge.

The Bad: These costumes have fabric that pretty much defines the whole “a rainbow threw up on me!” thing. The fabric is ugly, an eyesore, and looks horrific when paired with the amount of each girl’s member color. One of the telling things about how bad the fabric is is that if you used any other kind of fabric these may be good – denim, white, silver, black, etc. Other costumes just have baffling colors for the petticoats – Miyabi’s costume is ugly rainbow and purple, but the petticoat is red and easily visible. Some of the costumes have severe design flaws – like the collar on Airi’s that makes her costume look juvenile and the rather unflattering design of Maasa and Nakki’s costumes. Risako’s costume didn’t look planned out – it looked like they made a dress from the fabric and then added her member color as an afterthought.

Overall: 1/5 The only redeeming factor of these is that some of the designs were pretty good. Others looked like they were made by 20 different people on acid.

How Drunk Were They? Not drunk. I’d say they were more in a psychadelic mood, high, and hired some extra high interns to try and slap these babies together and pick out fabric.

Buono!’s Cowboy (?) Outfits

The Good: I like the denim with the red. If these were done right, those two fabrics would work pretty well together for a cute cowboy-ish outfit.

The Bad: Well, these weren’t done right. The denim on Miyabi’s boobs look like some sort of awkward bra with a red cutout. The beading on the denim makes it look even more awkward. The layering on the skirt is ugly. I think that having a flat-out denim skirt with a red tube top would’ve been a much better choice than having brown and black skirts with denim and red on the top. What you also can’t see in Miyabi’s picture is that she has brown cargo shorts under this. WHY? Momoko’s costume’s skirt looks really awkward with this top. The only redeeming costume for this set is Airi’s.

Overall:  2/5 While these costumes were bad, and I chose the worst one as the example, Momoko’s wasn’t quite as disasterous, and Airi’s was pretty cool, so I’ll give these a “decent” mark.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to turn the costumes upside-down and then add random shorts/skirts to the costumes.

The Dress-up Costumes

The Good: Good? What good?

The Bad: Well… do I have to list them all? Please, don’t make me! I have to? Okay… Well, then. The random patches on the jean vests, the random bows on the shirt, the high waists, the extra length on the tutus, the fact that there is tutus, the random colors on the tutu, the belts that don’t even remotely match the tutus, the awkward hat, those… things… hanging off, are those fake tattoos?, the bad gloves, (Can I stop now? I think you get the point.) Basically, these look like what I would make as a 5-year-old playing dress-up with old dance costumes, my mom’s hat, and super-90’s accessories.

Overall: 0/5 These look like they raided the dress-up box of their daughters.

How Drunk Were They? Potentially drunk enough to time travel back to the ’90s for those vests, then fake-tattoo the girls, and finally raid the costume closets of little girls all over.

Little Rocker Berryz

The Good: The fabric and design of most of the costumes in this set scream “rocker idols.” I also like the use the accessories for the set, and the patterns on the fabric work nicely on stage.

The Bad: The skirts that Momoko and I think Saki have are really awkward, and there’s no way those things move well on stage. Also, since these are rocker costumes, it would be awesome if they didn’t use shiny fabric.

Overall: 3.5/5 These are good costumes – some of the best given to Berryz on their solo tours, but there are some little flaws and laziness in some of the designs that I don’t appreciate.

How Drunk Were They? Hung over and lazy. Did anyone other than me notice that Yurina’s costume is pretty much Berryz’s Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku costume made with shiny fabric?

The Plaid Mullets

The Good: While many fashion critics don’t appreciate mullet dresses, I like them in some contexts. I like the mullet cut of these dresses with this type of fabric. Also, those are boots to die for!

The Bad: While I may like the cut of the dress with this lighter fabric, I HATE HATE HATE it with the plaid fabric -particularly when the direction of the plaid isn’t matched. Furthermore, the marching band-style gold cords and the gold studs on the dress are really out of place on the plaid -again, something that might have looked okay with solid colors. On the long back of the dresses, too, the plaid looks like something straight off of a picnic blanket. These are also what they attached the red capes onto for the rendition of “Be Genki” during the concert. Bright red + pale plaid is something I never knew I didn’t want to see until now. Oh, and Miyabi – despite your posing in this dress, these are not and never will be sexy dresses.

Overall: 0.5/5 These had a tiny little ounce of potential with the design, but the fabric looks aweful, and makes the costumes look irredeemably horrific.

How Drunk Were they? Drunk enough to chop up stereotypical plaid picnic blankets and attempt to turn them into sexy superhero-ish dresses. Which, as we shall now note, is impossible.

The Red Uniforms

The Good: I really like the basic design for these: they’re cute, mature, and they have a color combo for a uniform like this that isn’t red and gold.

The Bad: Do they really have to slap badges everywhere on every costumes? Really? ‘Cause it’s ugly and unnecessary. Maybe one would be okay, but 5? And all those random chains, badges, and pins are ugly. Also, these look like a cheap knock-off of S/mileage’s Please Miniskirt Postwoman costumes. (Which, for the record, I adored.)

Overall: 3.5/5 These are good, but they could’ve been better if PMP hadn’t just come out a few months before this tour, and if there wasn’t random stuff all over.

How Drunk Were They? Do we even need to ask this anymore? They were obviously drunk when they slapped those random things everywhere on the jackets.


The Good: These are hero-ish. They look like about what I’d expect idol heroes to look like. I liked the Berryz Kamen costumes from a few years back, but these work. I really like how they kept the same colors they used for those original Berryz Kamen costumes here, and how they incorporated the more traditional superhero top onto the costumes. The capes also don’t look out of place with these costumes because they match the different costumes, and create a super-hero image.

The Bad: These could’ve had much less poof. Superheroes are tough, not cute. I can suspend the skirts and the frills on the boots as idol-ish, but the awkward poofy sleeves aren’t even good on idols.

Overall: 4/5 They made a costume that says “Berryz Koubou” and “Superhero.” The point off comes from the awkward puffy sleeves and the awkardly high waists.

How Drunk Were They? Well, everyone makes mistakes, even when sober. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

The Cafe Superheroes

The Good: Again – keeping their superhero colors is pretty cool. The tops are also nice, or at least the parts of the top that looks like a vest.

The Bad: These costumes make no sense. To those of you who have read Tokyo Mew Mew – you can either have the Cafe Mew Mew look or the Tokyo Mew Mew look, you can’t have both at once. It appears in this case they couldn’t decide which they wanted. The plaid, the sleeves, and the petticoat look like they would be a cute part of a cafe outfit, while the orange and purple vinyl say superhero. They look good separate, but together they look like a mess.

Overall: 1/5 These have very good parts, but two good parts don’t make a good whole. In fact, two very good parts of two very different costumes make a very bad whole.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to not realize what goes together.

C-ute’s Psychedelic Dresses

The Good: These dresses really fit the theme of the concert, and in the correct context rainbow fabric like this doesn’t look terrible. These dresses look like they belong in a concert or at a party of a psychedelic theme, and they certainly look like they belong at a C-ute concert with all of C-ute’s funky songs. The short skirts also show off the legs of the girls.

The Bad: The reason I put Mai’s picture here was because she had frills on the bottom. These dresses should remain shift dresses, and the frills just look awkward. Also, these dresses say “costume party” more than “60s or 70s,” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing considering that that seems to be the look they’re going for with the merchandise of the concert.

Overall: 4.5/5 These are good costumes for the theme of the concert and for the group. While there are some minor problems, the good outweighs the bad.

How Drunk Were They? They weren’t drunk, but they did do a mighty fine job at matching the merchandise.

The Flag Costumes

The Good: These are sexy – very fitting for the new grown-up image C-ute has been going for in the past few years. These are really turning up the sexy, and all of the girls know how to flaunt it in these.

The Bad: The red stripe down the top isn’t necessary. If these costumes were flat out white and gold, I think I’d love them a lot more. Speaking of white and gold, if those are the two colors, why use vastly different amounts of each color on the top and bottom – if you look at the bottoms and the top separately, you’d be hard-pressed to label the two as parts of the same costume. Also, Why add skirts of any sort if they don’t cover the booty shorts? We all know what’s under there. The fact that it’s fringe just makes the costumes look cheaper and more stripperific.

Overall: 3/5 There are some very good points of these, and there are some very bad points. I think these are a lot better than Berryz’s mix-and-match costumes, but there’s still room for improvement.

How Drunk Were They? They just didn’t know what matched what. Considering my headcanon, that means drunk.


Well, one more of these to go! It will chronicle recent single outfits and recent H!P costumes.


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2 Responses to H!P Kids Costume Review

  1. verilian says:

    The costume reviews make me laugh every time. I thought that the flag costume looked great live, especially on Nakky.

    I think H!P buys fabric in bulk sometime, because there is no other explanation for how many pastel plaid costumes that they’ve had over the years.

  2. panya says:

    hi! . i’m really big fan of akb48. and actually. i really want to know akb’s cloth. so you’re blog is really help me. thank you. i am looking for like hunderds of hour. but even japanese site don’t have a information of akb48′ costume. luckly, i found your site. it really helps me. thank you. and if you have interesed akb’s recently costume. visit my blog.

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