Morning Musume and DMM Costume Review


I guess I will get this post in tonight.

Fyi, this post does not include all costumes from DMM, simply because I just didn’t want to bother with all of them. Most of their costumes are just “meh,” so I didn’t think that many people would want a whole post of meh.

So, without further ado, we start with Dream Morning Musume!

The Red and Gold Outfits

The Good: Considering that this is Dream Morning Musume – a group celebrating Morning Musume’s past – it’s great that I see them using the colors red and gold. I mean, if there are any two colors that have been prominent in Morning Musume’s history. Red has been a color often used for Morning Musume in Hello!Project collabs and concert goods. Gold was the color of the MM arches in Morning Musume’s golden era. The combination of the two has been used in quite a few Morning Musume concert outfits. Not only are the colors good, but the vest, shorts, and poof on the shorts make for a sexy but sophisticated concert outfit.

The Bad: The shorts poof may look good, but the shoulder poof just looks uncomfortable, ugly, and unnecessary. Probably the worst part is that this poof might be acceptable if it was much smaller, or if those two fabrics were used to make a tie or something.

Overall: 3.5/5 – It’s on the road to sexy sophistication that celebrates MoMusu’s history, but it’s hard to make poofy shoulders sexy or not awkward.

How Drunk Were They? Hmm… Well, it was a very good idea, but they may have been a little buzzed when they decided to add the extra poof to the shoulder. That or they didn’t try it on anyone and realize how awkward it is to look at and wear.

Black and Pink

The Great: I love love love black and pink dresses. I really do. And by pink,  I mean powder pink. Quite a few of my dresses are pink with black lace. The colors complement each other very well – they show the girly innocence of a soft pink, but also shows a more mature side with black lace. I think the combo of the two is perfect for young women around their late teens, 20’s, and early ’30s – right around where most Dream Morning Musume members are age-wise.

The Bad: Some of the individual designs don’t have great sleeves – they’re too puffy, too long, or too existent.

Overall: 4.5/5 – Some of the minor decisions weren’t spot on, but the majority of the designs and the color combo are strong enough to keep it good.

How Drunk Were They? Sober. There were minor mistakes on the sleeves, but nothing that was terrible.

The Blue Dresses

The Good: Well, I guess the fabric is kinda cool in moderation, and the idea of a big, flowy sleeve to move with the dancing.

The Bad: These look like a mix of curtains and Mother of the Bride dresses. The ugly pattern of the fabric is noticeable when the whole dress is made out of it, and the fact that it’s satin makes it look uglier. The awkward extra flowing fabric on the sleeve isn’t pretty – it’s just distracting and awkward, particularly since that fabric looks far too heavy to flow with their movements. Oh, and making a diagonal hemline? You’re doing it wrong. Either that, or you’re just  really really bad at hemming stuff. Oh, and having a short sleeve to “balance out” those huge, over-sized fabric wings is a really, really bad idea.

Overall: 1/5 – A good idea gone really, really bad.

How Drunk Were They? Apparently drunk enough that they couldn’t pick out good fabric for what they wanted to do, couldn’t sew well, and couldn’t design well.

Okay, on to Morning Musume!!!

The Princesses, Pages, and Knights

The Good: I LOVE the fake metal, the idea of the set, and the general designs of the set costumes. It’s also cool to see some of the roles reversed – with Gaki finally becoming a princess, and Sayumin finally being a knight! It’s also really nice that they had the 9th and 10th gen dresses look like those of pages.

The Bad: There’s a lot of extra tulle on Reina’s skirt that just seems awkward. I don’t always mind the girls not having their member colors, but when some girls have different colors while others (the 9 and 10 kis) have the same colors and essentially the same costumes, it gets to looking like there’s two different costume sets on stage. Either have all the girls have similar designs and a good color distribution, or have everyone have a unique design (with a common theme) and unique colors.

Overall: 3/5 – While the concept and the costumes are good individually, when they’re all put together they create an awkward, disconnected image on stage.

How Drunk Were They? No so much drunk as they were incredibly hung-over and therefore too lazy to make more than 6 designs. These were presumably made the morning after they made those blue dresses for Dream Morning Musume.

The Pink, Red, and White Outfits

The Good: These have a really strong design and look really good on everyone. The vibrant red and fuchsia look great against the white tops and the skin colors of the various members. The flowers on the skirt look like spiky fabric instead of random flowers that have attacked the skirt. The gloves and the flowers on the top make the outfits look really classy, but the gun and the skirts make these outfits more like classy badass – which is not a bad thing. The hairpieces are also really cute, fashionable, complement the outfits perfectly, and are not too overdone.

The Bad: It’s really awkward to have the sempais have red while the kouhai have fuchsia for the accents. I understand separating the two groups, but it’s also nice to see an even number in each color. Maybe if they did it by sempai (maroon), 9th gen (red), and 10th gen (fuchsia) it would look better.

Overall: 4.5/5 – Again, it’s a color distribution problem that takes points off.

How Drunk Were They? Not drunk, per se, but they may have decided the colors in these the same morning as the previously mentioned costumes.

The Yellow and White Costumes

The Good: Well, umm… It’s…. unique?

The Bad: Honestly? These are ugly. Just look at Risa’s hat? What’s up with that random red stripe on it? And why did they attack more costumes with yellow fluff? How did they get those hula hoops in the skirts and did they honestly think they wouldn’t make the skirts awkwardly shaped and bad-looking? Is that lace on the sleeves? That’s shiny white fabric, isn’t it? Did they really put plush chicks on some of the costumes?

Overall: 0/5 – fluff attacks are not appreciated by me on any level, let alone fluff attacks combined with shinyness and fuzzy fabric (like the 10th and 9th gen had)

How Drunk Were They? Apparently so drunk they just had to make a bet with each other that they couldn’t possibly make the Pyoko Pyoku Ultra costumes worse. And then raided the fabric and fluff room, drunkenly confiscated all of the chick plushies from the local crane game, and realized they could somehow make those disastrous costumes that looked like they were made in the image the love-child of of Big Bird and Kermit the Frog worse. Then decided that everyone needed bad hats.

The Onesies

The Good: I usually like the costumes that match the fan colors. These are no exceptions. They’re cute and kinda boyish, but not ugly or sloppy-looking. Also, I like how the hoods are there for the sake of being an accessory. Hoods can be worn, but they shouldn’t be worn if you’re intending to look good unless it’s pouring and you have no umbrella. Double-zippers are also really cool, and they’re handy if you are too hot, for the record.

The Bad: These would’ve been better if they used different fabric. Having flowery lace as a part of a design for slightly more boyish looking stuff is really awkward. Oh, and when the bottom of the double-zipper is unzipped we notice:

That the trunks don’t match the outfit. This isn’t always a bad thing, because you can’t always see trunks that easily if at all, and are just there in case of an up-skirt. When there’s lots of times where can see the trunks, like in this outfit (if the girls raise their arms, the zipper is undone on the bottom, etc.) you should spend the money to get trunks that’ll at least have fabric that’s the same color or fabric as the outfit.

Overall: 4/5 – There are some minor problems with these outfits, but they don’t effect the entire set, and the set is cute enough, and Midori-fodder enough to get a passing grade.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to not pick out the right lace, the right fabric, or the right trunks for the job. Either that or too hungover to care.


Well, expect more of these coming down teh pipeline!


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