Why Momoiro Clover Z is Growing on Me


Skating season is over for the most part, so I’m going to try to fill the void in my schedule with studying and some blogging. (Yay!)

At college, aside from sleeping and studying, I attend the anime club. When the new series for the semester were revealed, I noticed the opening to Moretsu Space Pirates sounded like it was familiar for some reason. Then when the song credits came on, I noticed it was sung by Momoiro Clover. I loved the song, and so I looked more into them. I knew that I loved Mirai Bowl, and that Hayami Akari (one of my favorite idols) was a member until last spring, but I didn’t know much else about them. I’d heard quite a few of their songs, seen their costumes, and watched their very impressive dancing. I followed the mania in blogging community when they released their first major single, and I saw them on various idol specials and music shows with misc. H!P groups from time to time. Now that I had a second song of theirs that I really liked, I knew that I should start paying more attention to them as an idol group. When I realized that the ending to Moretsu Pirates was also a Momoclo song, I just had to look more into the group. When I saw the outfits for their new single, I became a MomoClo stalking zombie for an evening.

So, I asked myself, why do I love MomoClo, and why have they attracted me so much more easily than, say, the ***48 groups or Idolling!!?

That answer seemed easy at first, but then I realized there were a number of factors leading up to my new-found love of them. The first thing I think was the first thing I ever noticed about the group: each girl always wears the same color. It makes each girl very easy to recognize so that you never have to guess which girl is which for your first few days/weeks/months of fandom. (Depending on how easily you recognize faces) This also makes it easy to connect to a girl. Sure, Hello!Project may have member colors, but you aren’t always wearing the same color as your favorite member, and for all you know, your least favorite member might have a costume in your T-shirt color for that tour. Momoiro Clover’s system makes it very easy to feel connected to your favorite girl, or to find a favorite girl. In fact, the reason Momoka is my favorite member now (formerly 2nd behind Akari) is because her color is green, which is my favorite color, so my eye is always drawn to her costumes.

Another thing I noticed, along with everyone else, is their dancing. While their singing isn’t always the most pleasant to listen to, their dancing talent is great for idols. They’re all very flexible and can do some amazing acrobatic leaping. Also, even when they don’t lipsync, they don’t often sound tired after the amazingly complex dances they do! It always impresses me how intense their dances are. While H!P draws me to it for its singing and some of its dancers, Momoclo’s dances never fail to impress me. On the other hand, ***48 groups have neither great dancing (I must admit, some of their members are good dancers individually, but as a whole group, or even in trios, their dancing is always really sloppy) or great singing (sad considering I’ve only seen them lipsync outside of the karaoke contest). Momoka’s singing isn’t that bad, either, and the leader and sub-leader are decent singers for your average idol. They also all have strong personalities, and every single girl gets her screen time and singing in PVs and on TV. Their personalities get to shine quite a bit since they get to have really cool and unique events and TV gigs that no other idol groups take. (Such as wrestling themed shows and indoor water parks)

Even more than their events, though, their recent PVs just draw me in. Pinky Jones had pretty stereotyped costumes, sure, but the PV was hilarious and rather fun – like something off the set of a Japanese variety show. The Mirai Bowl PV’s bowling battle was epic and the simple yet cute plot really drew me in. Their Christmas-themed PV may have had downright bizarre costumes, but it was a very enjoyable PV. And the super hero PV was great! Not to mention their hilarious drunk office-worker costumes or their ninja get-ups. I think everything they do has a humor to it, and that really gets me liking stuff.

I think the biggest thing about MomoClo that makes me like them, though, is the fan base. Most international Momoiro Clover fans seem to be fans of other groups, too, so they’re all very non-competitive in their love for the group. I think it’s so great to be a part of a fan community that doesn’t fight within itself or with other fan communities. I love being able to read a forum or a comments section that isn’t full of “____ sucks!” or “<group/person name here> is so much better,” and of course my ‘favorite’: “____ should have gotten more lines! ____/____ suck because they are attention hogs!” I never have to deal with any of that in any Momoclo fan post of any sort. Even from people who don’t know the group that well. The fans like the group and don’t feel threatened by other groups or members of the group that aren’t their favorite. It makes for reading of discussion that’s easy on my stomach, and doesn’t make me want to throw up every other poster.

Well, don’t worry, I’m still sticking to my Hello!Project fandom as my main one for now, but Momoiro Clover Z is becoming a more and more appealing idol group to support for me every day.


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2 Responses to Why Momoiro Clover Z is Growing on Me

  1. Takeru says:

    hehe… Momokuro is also growing on me. I always listen to their songs but the last 2 weeks I’ve been crazy about them. They are so cool yet so cute. I must admit after watching some of their concerts I don’t really like akb48 as much now… damn! and all the money I spent on them!!! Time to give momokuro some support!

  2. MTSayuRin says:

    I’m a H!P fan who is recently getting into Momoclo, so this was interesting to read. I don’t know the group that well yet, but everything you listed here, it’s exactly the same things that have stood out to me too. These girls are so entertaining! Momoka is my favourite too and green is my favourite colour! 😀

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