Morning Musume fall 2011 Setlist Preview

So I lied about not posting. I’m a week ahead on my homework, and it’s only Saturday. Two more days of the weekend to get further ahead! So here’s a setlist preview~!!!

(From H!O Thread)

AI Believe

Mr Moonlight ( Ai chan – male role, rest female role, Niigaki sang (Ai o Kudasai)- Awesome! Starting with Ai’s first song with the group is a good way to start her final concert. Also, with Ai’s hairstyle, she totally works the guy thing. Ai’s pimping during this so is so great, too. I love it.
Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa honki de negatterun da you- This will be interesting to see live, but I’m excited to see it live. I’ll have seen the summer version first, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited to see another staging of it. Also- the stage costumes from the summer concert would look really nice on that stage.
Kare to Isshouni Misetai- I don’t know about how this song will be live, and there appears to be no real dance, so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I hope it’s going to be really wacky and funny like the PV.
Resonant Blue- So many people are complaining about this being included, and I would be too if it weren’t Ai’s last concert tour. I mean, this is clearly one of the quintessential Ai-era songs for Morning Musume. We’ll partly remember her time as leader by this song because of how much it was performed. I don’t like this song live as much as in the PV, so I usually skip over it in concert DVDs anyway.
Yamette yo Shintobatto- Never liked this one on the single, but maybe it will be better live? It’ll be interesting to see live, and see how much I like it then.
MY WAY Joshi ko no hanamichi– This song’s instrumental reminded me of Pinky Jones from MomoClo. Aside from that, the 9th gen gets SO MANY lines, it’s glorious! I love to see them get lines, and this song is really a fun one for them to get lines in.
Suki da na kimi ga (Michishige, Fukumura)- This song is pretty much a Perfume song given to the two best Morning Musume girls to perform it. It sounds so fun and interesting, and really compliments both girls’ voices so well. The harmonies are also really cool and well integrated into the song. I love this so far. You can also hear some clearly Japanese traditional influences at points during the song, which is quite awesome.
Kono Ai o Kasanete (AiGaki)- Why do the older girls get boring songs? This song could put me to sleep. Really. It was so boring.
Suki na Senpai (AiGaki) Monitor showing 2002 Haru concert gokkies singing to suki na senpai- Another great tribute to Ai’s time in MM- showing where she started with Risa on one screen, while on stage we get to see where she’s gotten to. Also, I always think it’s almost blasphemous when this is performed by anyone but 5th gen members. Just sayin’.
Yume Kara Samete (Takahashi)- Another really boring song. When I first started liking Ai, I tried to listen to this, and I just couldn’t. It was too boring. Maybe people wouldn’t think that she has no personality if she was given songs with personality?
Songs- YES. YES. YES. and YESSSSSSSS! I love this song so much. This song is my life for hours on end sometimes. Can’t wait to see the 9kis go for it!
Give me Love- I haven’t heard a preview for this song yet (I can’t download the concert recording at college, since it’s technically illegal) but I hear it’s awesome, so I can’t wait to hear it.
Special Medley – 
-Jounettsu no KISU (AI, GAKI, REINA) ~ Egao YES NUDO ~ Motto Aishite Hoshi ~ Guru Guru Jump- This medley sounds AWESOME. And does this mean that Chair-san will make another appearance in a concert? I love the editing recently in H!P medleys because of their dance-tastic and creative transitions, so I’m excited to hear this one! Particularly to Guru Guru Jump, since it’s so out of place in a medley of such mature songs.
Okay YEAH (album new song)- TommyVD said this song is epic, so I can’t wait to hear this one either. I hope this isn’t another song that most people love and I hate. The title makes it sound terrible, but it’s been liked so far, so might as well try it.
Only You- Yay! I love this song. Curious to see how this song will be staged with all the stairs and such.
Majidesuka SUKA (member sang while holding onto a green heart shape )- Hmm… holding onto a green heart shape? Is this for Zukki or Risa or something? ‘Cause isn’t this “Ai Believe”? Also, is there one giant heart, or each girl has her own heart? Furthermore, what about that kick line?
BRAVO– This song deserves no bravos. It sucks. It’s a terrible song. Hopefully this isn’t the new Resonant Blue, and it isn’t performed at every tour possible. Resonant Blue was at least a good song. This one, not so much. And this song has been performed at EVERY concert Morning Musume’s been in this year but the H!P summer one. Ugh.
HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN? ~Nihon wa Donna Kanji Dekka?~- I like this song, and maybe it will give Zukki a chance to shine, after all, her low voice will really fit this well. This song almost always has great line distribution, so I can’t wait to hear it!
TOMO- This song isn’t bad right away, more like mediocre, but it’s been performed so much, at so many different times, and by the same line up almost every time, that it’s become a terror to me. Seeing this on a setlist is like telling me to stay away from it.



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