A Post Full of Poof

So, pettipond, a site for all-things petticoats has linked me! (I love that site by the way- there’s some beautiful dresses and wonderful old photos.

To respond to their update regarding Japanese wedding gowns- Japanese brides often wear the tra

ditional kimono for the wedding, but for their reception, they will wear poofier western dresses. Some Japanese women, such as idol Sugiura (Tsuji) Nozomi will actually have three outfits for their wedding day: the kimono for a shinto (traditional japanese service), a long western wedding gown for a western-type ceremony, and a shorter cocktail dress for the reception!

But for all of you crinoline, pett

icoat, and large skirt fans out there like me, here’s some pertinent picspam of idols in big skirts!

Thanks for stopping by!


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