The 5-Step Wota-Conversion Plan


And… One more post before I go. There may be more, who knows.

This is my strategy for converting my Non-wota friend. Let’s do this.

1. SONGS- Morning Musume Spring 2009 ~Platinum 9 Disc~

Definately an awesome performance- non-wotas need to know that idols can be fierce, good singers, and generally put on a good show. This is one performance that kicks them in the face and shatters their opinion on Japanese pop as something entirely cutesy and generic. It’s awesome, intense, and includes some non-idolish performance aspects- such as the dark lighting, the sexy atmosphere, and the intense looks. The song also works well to downplay the fact that there are poorer singers in the group, which might turn off some people you’re attempting to convert.

2. Genki+– Spring 2007 ~Sexy 8 Beat~

Another intense and awesome performance, but this time it’s slightly more idol-ish. The lyrics involve love in some form, and the song involves common idol words and themes: genki, break-ups, dating, etc. The difference is that this song presents it in a more mature manner. The choreography and lighting also draw you in because of how intense it is. The performance really sets the mood for the song, and makes you want to watch the song to the end- something you’ll need to do to get a new wota in on your fandom. The performance also involves some singing that gets a little more sketchy, but isn’t bad enough to turn off your possible convert.

3. Tokaikko Junjou– C-ute fall 2007

This song is extremely popular with foreigners who aren’t wota for a reason- and it won C-ute an award for a reason: it’s a good song. It also highlights the group’s intense dance ability, and their promising singing. This performance was from when they were all still very young, and yet they still all sound fabulous. This is a good time to introduce sister groups and the idea that there are different ages and styles of idol groups. C-ute is more of a dance group (for the most part) than Morning Musume, and hence the more intense dancing and more appearent beat. This is also a good opportunity to show your convert how groups have their front girls- in this case Airi and Maimi.

4. Urahara Rock’n Buono 3

This song provides an opportunity to explain groups with a gimmick, sub groups, anime units, and shuffle units. In this case, how this group was born out of three of the best singers from an umbrella group to be a sub-group of the Hello!Project kids/Hello!Project to be an anime unit that mainly does pop-rock style music, and often performs with a live band. It also helps to introduce your new convert to how the idol world works- with lots of random money making schemes, some of which, like Buono!, end up being awesome.

5. ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL Hello!Project Winter 2009

This song is a good way to show your convert what big idol groups are all about- graduations, newbies, and and a large variety of girls. Tell them about the eggs- the girls in white who don’t sing- and how they’re training to debut. Tell your potential convert about the girls in the pink, purple, yellow, blue (styled like the others graduating) and red dresses are leaving the larger group, so they’re singing one last time with their new generation. Tell them about how these girls sing in the order they became idols- so that you can tell who’s been in the biz the longest. Show them how there’s girls of all sorts on the stage, but how they’re all focused on performing and loving their fans. Also, this song really is what idols are all about- love and performing. This can also be used as an opportunity to explain how the idol world has changed- with older girls leaving, and younger girls taking over, mothers still performing (Nono), idols going through tragedy (Kaori), idols overcoming health problems (Ayaya’s broken toe), and idols changing the guard.



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3 Responses to The 5-Step Wota-Conversion Plan

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  2. Mara says:

    Brilliant! I might have to try this 😛

  3. Katja-chan says:

    great post! I will try to do this..if I ever get a chance again :3

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