H!P Summer 2010 Costume Review


I figured I should do one of these before I go off to college and just frequent H!O. Between skating team, classes, clubs, and football, I won’t have much time to write anything, so just expect mini posts or nothing until Thanksgiving and/or Winter break. I’ll try to keep up with demand and events, but we’ll see.

So, without further ado, HERE WE GO~!!!

Overall Costume Impressions: Cute, slightly gimmicky, and rather off the wall/repetitive choices highlight this summer in H!P fashion. Some of the costumes were made poorly and quickly, which is never a good thing for looking good. I really liked how the costumes were all mixed between the groups (minus the single costumes, of course) so that this was really a Hello!Project concert, not a “Hello!Project groups performing together” concert.

Standard Group Costumes

Wow Wow Pink and White

The Good: These costumes are kind of cute and they certainly have very girly colors that work well on any idol. The semi-transparent cover-up is a refreshing idea for H!P.

The Bad: The cover-up’s lacing looks like it should be on football chest padding, not on a shall. And didn’t shalls/ponchos go out of fashion 10 years ago? The clothes also look too big on some girls and are rather wrinkly in most pictures. The type of fabric they used- vinyl- tends to hold and show wrinkles like no other. The giant lettering that often doesn’t even spell out all of WOW looks awkward and often haphazardly place on the skirts.

Overall: 2/5- The idea was good, but it didn’t really come together.

How Drunk Were They? Not very drunk, they just made bad choices for the majority. The alcohol comes when they tried to get those letters on the skirts.

The Red and Silver Star Outfits

The Good: Again, the idea is cute. It looks almost like a super hero costume with the shining colors, the vinyl, and the stars.

The Bad: Again, an idea not executed well. The stars are poorly placed on the red vinyl, so they look really sloppy. The red vinyl really doesn’t look good with the shiny and almost scaly-looking silver fabric. Also, as you can tell on Maasa in particular, the costumes don’t fit very well, and if you go looking at pictures of other girls in these, you’ll find that some of the costumes are too big, too small, too tight, too loose, too short, or too long. Also, the hems on some of them aren’t very even. These might have been okay if they had taken the time to fit the girls and find the best cut for each girl in their dress, or if they just bothered to make them well.

The “It could be taken either way”: Some have noted that the bottom of the red vinyl is pointing to a very interesting place. Take out of that what you will.

Overall: 1/5- Good plan gone bad.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk when they fitted/made these things, apparently.

The Eggs’ Sailor Fukus

The Good: These are super cute, they fit well, and, of course, sailor outfits are a common gimmick in Japan, even long after sailor-style school uniforms have gone out of style in schools. They’re cute colors that look good on all of the eggs, and they fit summer- a season when a lot of people (including this blogger) enjoy sailing. The yellow neckerchiefs provide a nice color contrast, as do the dark blue buttons on the skirts. These also look like the most expensive egg costumes to date, which is awesome.

The Bad: If I have one very minor gripe about these costumes, it would be the velvet fabric- it’s way too hot to wear on stage (I would know from those old choir dresses) and there are much more appropriate/fitting/cheaper (velvet runs at $14-16/yard!) fabrics to make a sailor outfit out of, particularly when you can’t tell if a fabric’s velvet from more than the first section of seats.

Overall: 4.9/5- If only for the fabric choice

How Drunk Were They? Sober.

Mixed Group Costumes

The Recycled Style

The Good: These are cute, as close to casual as we can hope for, and fit each girl as the outfit was intended to. Here I have provided three examples- Mizuki, Miyabi, and Riho- for your viewing pleasure. These costumes all look cute, but not over-the-top like some “casual” costumes tend to be.

The Bad: It seems like the costume designers got lazy. Most of the costumes from this set look like the 2010 Summer group costumes 2.0- colorful and semi-casual. Even the skirt Mizuki and Miyabi are wearing are almost exactly the same in color and type to the kind S/mileage wore at last year’s costumes.

Overall: 3/5- For the repeat

How Drunk Were They? Hungover- not drunk. Their headaches were bad enough for them to just take out designs from last year and change them a little.

The Maasa Variation

The Good: The bracelets.

The Bad: Everything else, really. The dress makes her look homeless/extremely thrifty. The skirt is ripped, the dress looks 10 sizes too big for her, the random black even-more-torn skirt underneath, and the random derp bow/black fur on the shoulders look hideous. The horizontal stripes look bad, and emphasize the uneven and torn look of the skirt, which makes it look more like a bad cutting job than a tear. The cut of the neck-line is hideous and unflattering. To add insult to injury, the white cami underneath makes the fabric look incredibly cheap, and the dress is the least flattering piece of clothing I’ve ever seen on a Berryz member (which is saying a lot). And then there’s the whole thing of giving everyone else colorful costumes and giving Maasa black and white.

Overall: 0/5- Worst part- everyone else looked great.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to raid a thrift store, find the worst items of clothing in said thrift store, put them together, and proceed to call them a costume. We could also settle for the “drunk enough to mug a crazy cat lady” theory.

Single Costumes

Kono Chikyuu… (a.k.a Do I really have to spell out the entire title every time?)

The Good: These seem to be quick alternatives to the actual costumes that are more “concert friendly” so to speak. They appear to be easier to get in/out of, easier to pack up and travel with, easier to dance in, and much less fragile than their PV/promotion counterparts. These costumes really fit the disco sound of the single while maintaining the tummy-showing that the other costumes are great for. They also fit well, have a unique but cool style of skirt, and are generally flattering.

The Bad: The black poof under some of the skirts undermines the type of skirt they are (cut from a square/rectangle pattern) and the random armbands are a little distracting. It would be nice if these were gold, not bronze.

Overall: 4/5- A good replacement, but not as good as the real thing.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to think that poof works well under all skirts.

Sexy Pink Berryz

The Good: These are sexy, made out of an appropriate fabric, and flattering. The changes from girl to girl are subtle but apparent, making the group look good as a whole. The shade of pink is also great: it’s not hot pink- a more flirty shade of pink- but instead a more mature, sexy, and seductive shade of light pink. The decision to not put boots on and instead add simple, barely noticeable silver heels also adds to the sexiness- there’s nothing to distract from those legs. The costumes also fit the sexy nature of the song and the PV, which always adds to the appeal.

The Bad: The hot pink bandeaus under some of the dresses look awkward because they’re a much different shade of pink. Also, sometimes the way the lace was put on doesn’t look all that good.

Overall: 4.5/5- Sexy but subtle.

How Drunk Were They? Either sober or really drunk. There’s no way they were anywhere in the middle of the two.

Sekai ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko

The Good: These costumes are cute and the pastel colors are nice. It’s also cool to see the member colors being featured so prominently in a PV costume. Also, those boots are awesome. And the hair acessories look much better here than they do in the PV.

The Bad: These costumes look like something created for an indies pre-teen idol group. The costumes are more suited for a 5-year-old playing princess than a group of girls in their mid-late teens. The costumes also are not that well finished, and look very cheap. The fact that everyone has their member color featured throughout, while they couldn’t seem to bother to find light-blue fabric instead of purple for Nakki’s dress is truely puzzling. Also, the skirts are attached to the slightly loose shirts- which never doesn’t look awkward. Furthermore, on at least Chisato and Airi’s costumes, the skirts are attached to the shirts far too high.

Overall: 2/5- Unfinished toy-store quality fairy princess dresses =/= idol costumes.

How Drunk Were They? Not drunk until they decided to go get drunk before finishing these. And then forgot about them.

The Bug Costumes

Queen Bee Ai-chan

The Good: Ai-chan really is the Queen and queen bee of H!P. (Of course, Queen Bee in the pimpin’ sense and the leadership sense.) The costume makes sure to highlight that it’s her last H!P concert as leader. The hemline of the skirt and the tummy showing show off all of those muscles she should really flaunt more, and the off-kilter crown and antennae are really cute.

The Bad: The wings appear to be upside-down- isn’t the bigger wing on top? Fluff is also one of my many problems, as many regular readers should know, and this is no exception. That fluff appears to be choking her. Maybe she had to leave because teh fluff was eating her vocal cords? Also, I understand the big bee butt thing, but it would be nice if it was centered in the back of her, and if it was attached to the skirt, not the top, where it just kind of hangs down instead of looking like the bee’s back section.

Overall: 4/5- Good way to send Ai-chan off with some minor mistakes

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to do an Ai-chan memorial drunk fluff closet raid.

Ai-Chan’s Little Worker Bees

The Good: The fact that these aren’t sparkly, have smaller wings, and don’t have a bustle put the emphasis on Ai-chan- who, as the queen bee, were what these costumes were all about anyways. The colors are fun and cute. The fabric is slightly fuzzy, like bees, but cute. The round skirts with the little stingers at the back were also really cute. The small amounts of fuzz weren’t that overdone, and since some bees are fuzzy, are forgivable. Momoko’s costume looks quite a bit like a Halloween costume I saw a few years back… I also like how the girls they gave these costumes are all busy bees- always energetic and hyper on stage.

The Bad: The fluff balls at the ends of the antennae are different colors. That’s just plain awkward. Also- why do they have glovelets, and only on one hand to boot?

Overall: 4.5/5- A nice gimmick pulled off nicely

How Drunk Were They? A little buzzed. They were in preparation for putting the fluff on Ai’s costume.

The Ladybugs

The Good: These costumes have polka dots (like lady bugs) and ladybug wings. They look really round and cute like ladybugs themselves. Of course, otherwise they’re kind of plain on the front compared to any of the other costumes in this set.

The Bad: The poofed up pillow skirt looks too much like the skirts that the bees wore. Also, they may have polka dots like lady bugs, but none of them are black like a lady bug’s spots actually are, and since there are some red-on-red spots, they may as well not even be there.

Overall: 3/5- A boring and rather simple follow up to the colorful and fun bees.

How Drunk Were They? They were do busy getting drunk to do the research and then too drunk to remember what color a ladybug’s spots are.

The Dragonfly Costumes

The Good: These costumes are kinda cute, and the wings look fantastic. Also, rompers look good on shorter people, and the girls they chose are on the shorter end of the H!P height spectrum, so they look good for the body types. The flight goggles are also really cute and go well with the bug theme.

The Bad: Bringing up horrible memories of seeing hundreds of dragonflies mating while boating during the summer. These costumes, aside from the wings don’t scream dragonfly. They more scream Buono!’s lady panther. Dragonflies are shiny and slick- not fuzzy. Silk, satin, or brocade fabric would’ve worked nicely to represent a dragonfly. Also, dragonflies are very long and skinny bugs, not short and fat like ladybugs and bees (hence their short pillow skirts), so a longer dress with no poof would’ve served these costumes better.

Overall: 3/5- Cute, but not representative of what they’re trying to represent.

How Drunk Were They? Too drunk to do their research again.

The Butterflies

The Good: These are probably the sexiest costumes of the set, and the white with the mono-color decorations are certainly sexy. The white fringe over the skin ties the different parts of the costume together while drawing attention to the bare skin and those legs. The elegant butterfly also served as a wonderful choice for the girls who were wearing these costumes- elegant and beautiful.

The Bad: The wings were made very poorly. Look at Ai-chan’s wings and then look at these. These wings look withered, wrinkled, and rather sad, while Ai-chan’s are perfect. Furthermore, there’s way too much fringe on these costumes. Sure, the stuff going over the bare skin is sexy, but the white-on-white fringe can barely be seen, and what is seen of it distracts from the shimmery luminescent fabric of the actual clothing. Furthermore, while the white is elegant, butterflies are known for their beautiful combination of colors and patterns. It would’ve served these costumes better to have been made of colorful fabric with patterns.

Overall: 3/5- Close, but no cigar

How Drunk Were They: Drunk enough to think that they were raiding the fluff closet and accidentally getting fringe instead. And then hungover enough the next morning to not put any effort into the wings.

The Ants

The Good: These are much sexier and cuter than most of the costumes based on ants I’ve ever seen. The color combo is really nice, and a nice way to add to an ant’s uninteresting exterior. Of course, they also could add a fire ant somewhere in there, too, but anyway… The antennae are cute and not overdone- they look like ant antennae. The fluff is also not overdone, and is, in fact, not that noticeable for once.

The Bad: Since when did ants have wings? Did the ants want to fit in and get wings like everyone else of what? Also, the fluff on the shorts that make a V-pattern is really awkward and unnecessary- unless you look closely, you can’t even tell it’s there. The puff balls on the waist of the shorts are also really oddly placed and not needed.

Overall: 4/5- Better than most in the set if it didn’t have that excess fluff

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to go back to the fluff closet


The Good: Definately the best of the set- grasshoppers are green, with long legs (emphasized here by boots), and have a shell that does remind me of coattails. The shiny, tougher fabric really makes it look like a shell, and the design is modern, cute, and fun without taking too much away from the grasshopper image. The variety of greens used in this costume also makes the costume look more interesting while not taking away from what bug they were representing. The white and gold accents add too the look, but don’t distract from the starring color. As a bonus, these remind me of those robot costumes they wore at the 2007 winter costume that I loved for the most part.

The Bad: The little top hats would be okay if they didn’t have gold bows on them. The bows make the hats fit the theme of grasshoppers 100% less.

Overall: 4.9/5

How Drunk Were They? Sober.


So, there you have it! Can’t wait for the next concerts!


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    Was this not 2011, rather than 2010?? ^^<3
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