Is Tsunku Creating A S/mileage Rival Group?


With S/mileage’s new auditions’ results announced, there was one question: What the f*ck, UFA?

The most popular egg from the auditions (and overall), Miyamoto Karin wasn’t in. With the exception of Meimi, no one cared about the other girls that got in. So what was up? Maybe it’s something we didn’t consider- these girls were actually the BOTTOM of Tsunku’s list. S/mileage is popular enough by itself, and new members aren’t really needed.

Tsunku did say at the beginning of the auditions that he wanted to increase the rivalry within the group- so could it be that these auditions that were “held for” S/mileage were actually held for S/mileage’s rival group:

*Individual Pictures from Hello!SayuNii

A group made of Tsunku’s actual favorites from the audition. The only girl that Tsunku praised on the training camp special of HPT was Fujii. In both rounds he spent an almost disproportionate amount of time speaking to Miyazaki. Yamaga has one of the best voices out of the auditioners. Jang got to skip the first two rounds of the audition¬†altogether. Miyamoto is an egg that everyone agrees needs to hatch- weather it be in Morning Musume or S/mileage, and she was clearly head and shoulders above everyone else at the audition. These girls were also some of the most popular in the international and Japanese-speaking fan forums. So then why did NONE of them get in?

Maybe Tsunku has a more sinister plan for S/mileage: a new rival group that can steal S/mileage’s sub-members. If he wanted to increase rivalry, a rival group certainly would do that. Tsunku also said on his blog and during the announcement that one of the options for the sub-members if they didn’t become members was to be part of a new project. Does this mean that there will be a new project, and that the sub-members that don’t fit S/mileage will be put into it as if the new project stole the sub-members. It would be interesting to see.

The girls that didn’t get in were well-liked, had good singers, and pretty good dancers. They had their ace- Miyamoto, their cute girl- Miyamoto, their foreign member- Jang, their co-lead singer- Yamaga, their genki girl- Fujii, their shy girl- Oda, and their dark horses- Katsuta and Aogi. Pretty much everything needed for an idol group ever. And then they also have their audition- S/mileage’s. A true rival group should spout from rivalry directly related to their rival group- in this case failing their rival group’s audition.

And as for what type of group they’d be: would it be the dark horse idol group that works hard like normal idols and comes from behind, or the evil(ish) idol group? I’d like to say the evil-ish idol group. They could wear pants/shorts to oppose S/mileage’s mini skirts. The group could use dark purple as a group color as opposed to S/mileage’s constant use of pink. This group could have a logo that’s a direct, darker parody of S/mileage’s crest. The group could be under TNX- where they would be controlled by Tsunku, not the mysterious UFA execs.

Of course, this is all pure speculation, but it might very well happen. It’s what I’d like. Who knows what will happen. All I know is that I’m going to follow the group for another 2-3 years to see what the long-term results of this audition will be- good or bad.


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8 Responses to Is Tsunku Creating A S/mileage Rival Group?

  1. Bee says:

    Interesting concept! I mean, what was Tsunku thinking? As one member of H!O said, this rival group could be called F/rownage! LOL!
    It makes sense that Karin wasn’t put into S/mileage actually. His initial reasoning behind the auditions was to cause rivalry with the members because S/mileage looked too much like just a group of friends, and wanted to put an end to that. If Karin would join S/mileage, that wouldn’t be conducive to his plan. So adding Karin to a rival group would piss her off just enough to be essential to his MASTER PLAN, MWAHAHA! >:D

    (BTW, the picture I think you meant to put Karin instead of Rina)

  2. Bee says:

    (Ah sorry, you did include Karin. My bad. Its just Rina that shouldn’t be included ^^;)

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  4. AimxAim says:

    You know, that’s a completely interesting theory. And I honestly hope something like this happens. I’ve wanted another S/mileage type group to from since S/mileage formed. And the remaining auditioners do have enough talent to form their own group.

    I just want to point out though that Katsuta Rina actually got picked to join S/mileage. And she was actually one of my favorites. XD I also really loved Miyazaki, Yamaga, and of course Karin. I seriously don’t want them to end up doing nothing.

  5. wilstrick says:

    As interesting it may sound, I don’t think that’ll happen. I’ll believe it when I see the rival group makes an appearance but I honestly don’t think.

    Usually they don’t pick a good girl singer, usually the ugly duckling in which they want to make into a swan (Aika, Konno, Rika).

    The last audition I ever got into was with 8th gen for MM, and I was so heart broken when Kikkawa Yuu, or Sato Sumire wasn’t chosen; for those who watch the auditions, I only say don’t watch it because your favorite isn’t most likely to get chosen XD

    • midorigirl says:

      I understand that my favorites aren’t likely to be chosen- in fact, I didn’t want Karin to get chosen for S/mileage.

      The favorites in the audition I was talking about are the favorites among forum users on H!O, aramatheydidnt’s commenters, 2channers, etc.. I’m used to not getting my favorites picked, because I’m more of a long-term person- I wait a year or so to determine my favorite members. I do pick favorites in auditions like everyone else, and I do get upset if they’re not chosen, but I don’t hold onto that feeling, since there’s usually another girl or two to like who did make it.

  6. ku-chan says:

    that would be awesome! just sayin’

  7. I have GOT to say.
    That is a BADASS concept.
    As much as I love S/mileage [and the sad news about Yuukarin leaving in December [WAY TOO SOON I SAY >8U]and Saki not there anymore] I really want to see that happen, because I think Smileage should have more competition in order to have experience and to mature.
    I really like Miyamoto Karin Dx

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