Recent Costumes- Spring 2011


So, you like my costume reviews, I hear? Well, I’m not going to go through all of the costumes from the spring tours, but the most memorable ones.

Berryz Koubou Spring 2011

Ringmaster Berryz

The Good: Finally some Berryz costumes that have some shape to them. It’s also a slightly sexy twist on a theme not often done in idol costuming.

The Bad: There’s too much random crap glued onto that hat, and those earrings DO NOT go with this outfit. AT ALL. Also, while these are fitted by Berryz standards, they still aren’t by anyone else’s.

Overall: 3.5/5

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to not finish fitting these costumes, and to start to attack them with tacky accessories.

Shining Berryz

The Good: These are well fitted compared to the ringmaster ones, and they are a really good combo of cute and cool. I also really liked how they made a costume for each member’s color- so that the girls could match their fans.

The Bad: They put lace on the bottom of the skirt over the black underskirt which looks awkward. Nothing other than that.

Overall: 4.5/5

How Drunk Were They? Sober. A rare occasion when they’re working on a Berryz concert.


The Good: These are good cover-up dresses in the vein of what Buono! usually has. They’re not bad, and they do a good job of covering up what they’re wearing underneath.

The Bad: That pattern is entirely too distracting, the fabric looks heavy, and the large, distracting red bow shouldn’t be there. Also, the fringe at the end of the sleeves is very awkward and looks like an awkward attempt to cover up the fact that the actual sleeves are too short.

Overall: 3/5

How Drunk Were They? Not drunk, necessarily, but definitely tired enough to mess up sleeve length.

Butterfly Dresses

The Good: I like the different colored sequining. The intricate pattern in really cool!

The Bad: Pretty much everything else. The fit is SO unflattering and frankly ugly. The thing wrapped around her shoulders seems to be beaded and really cool, but the fit is horrendous, and makes it look like she has no boobs. And the top of the dress doesn’t look anything like the bottom, and clashes with it in some ways. The bottom of the dress is an ugly color, and frankly the cut looks like it was made from the pattern of a two-year-old girl’s jumper.

Overall: 1/5

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to get adventurous and agree that their attempt at couture looked good.

Tanabata Kimono Dresses

The Good: Again, they used the fan colors, which I really like to see. Each color suits the girl, and it makes the girl each have her own unique costume that is easily recognizable. This costume is really cute- combining traditional Japanese style with a more modern idol look. The flowery fabric also looks really nice on these, and doesn’t distract from the fan color.

The Bad: The way the underskirt was made makes it look really flat for being so puffy. If you’re going to make a puffy skirt- make it have volume and floof to it, other wise it looks weird.

Overall: 4.5/5

How Drunk Were They? Probably left for the bar before finishing the underskirts.

C-ute Spring 2011

The Mullet Dresses

The Good: Each girl got her own color, style, and song for these dresses. They help connect each girl to the fans, but also seem elegant. They really show each girl’s style quite nicely through the details: flowers for the pretty but young Airi, Stripes and a less poofy skirt for the more energetic Mai, and an elegant dress for the elegant Maimi.

The Bad: Mullets do not look good in any form, and mullet dresses are no exception. If you ignore the party in the back of the dresses and just look at the business in the front, these dresses are fine, but during the concert, the party’s hard to ignore.

Overall: 4/5

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to want an 80’s hair flashback dress-style.

The C-ute From Space Set

The Good: These are really cool costumes. There isn’t much variety for each girl, but they’re cool. They really fit the theme of space, and those cool one-leg leggings are AWESOME. These are really fitting for C-ute.

The Bad: There’s only two varieties of the design of these costumes. Also, if these costumes were fitted better to the girls’ bodies, they would’ve looked much more futuristic and/or cool instead of looking really crinkly like tin foil. These costumes look best when the fabric doesn’t fold up.

Overall: 4/5

How Drunk Were They? More like “how hungover were they to not make more different designs for these costumes?”

The Pant-Suits

The Good: The way they talored these makes the girls hips and chests look great- and gives them more curves without padding. The colors are a simple, almost cliched combo, but for good reason. The feathers on the neckline are amazing, too! They look really cool, and they don’t take away from the outfit.

The Bad: The pockets on the pants, while creating curves, are WAY bigger than they need to be. The look hideous, frankly. Also, those feathers are really cool and all, but do they really need to go all the was to the back of her jacket?

Overall: 3.5/5

How Drunk Were They? Definitely drunk when they decided to add more feathers then they would ever need to that jacket.

The Bubble Wrap Costumes

The Good: These costumes are really sexy. The lace-up parts seem ready to be undone, and the delicious tummies of the C-ute members are complimented well by the fabric. The blue sequin circles are actually a lace of beads and sequins put over silver fabric, which looks really cool close up. (Find a picture and tell me I’m wrong there.) The small splash of fuchsia and black on the laces adds intricacy to the costume and makes the laces shout out: “LOOK AT ME! I’M HERE” *wink wink* to whoever’s looking at these.

The Bad: Nothing really.

Overall: 5/5

How Drunk Were They? This was the first thing designed of their long day, I guess, because it looks great.

S/mileage Spring 2011

The Encore Outfits

The Good: These are really cute, pretty simple, and they look good on each girl. Fitting with each of S/mileage’s costumes, these show off those GAM legs, and the wrist bands fit the costume in just the right way.

The Bad: Other than the design of the shirts being a little weird with the bow and all, nothing of note.

Overall: 5/5

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to just buy some stuff that matched the tour T-shirt, and had it work.

The Shortcut Dresses

The Good: The legs? Umm… I don’t know?

The Bad: These dresses have been recycled for two tours now, and quite a few events. The only difference is how many flowers they add to them. The more flowers they add, the fatter the girls look (which is virtually impossible to think about, because the girls in S/mileage are pretty skinny) and the uglier the dresses are. You can barely see the bows at their waists, the skirt is obviously weighed down, and their torsos look really short and fat. Furthermore, who thought it was a good idea to put random S/mileage logos in between the flowers. Ugh.

Overall: 0/5

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to raid a fake-flower store and randomly glue layers and layers on to these things, and think that that counted as a new costume.

S/mileage And C-ute Spring 2011

The Pajamas

The Good: These look relatively normal for teen girls to wear- for footie pajamas to pajama day at school.

The Bad: These were probably really hot on stage, and all of the awkward accessorizing and random patches thrown on didn’t help. The fabric is terrible for anything but footie pajamas, and the onesies that these were, they might as well have been those, not concert outfits.

Overall: 1/5

How Drunk Were They: Drunk two times over. The first time they decided that footie pajamas were a good stage costume, and the second time they felt that patches looked really good on loud, footie pajama fabric, and drunkenly raided and glued accordingly.

The Not-Really-A-Theme-Here Costumes

The Good: S/mileage’s costumes really fit them, and C-ute’s costumes really fit them. The colors look good, and the costumes are made to show off some leg. C-ute’s costumes are HAWT. Those boots are amazing, and the logos above the knee are kinda cool on them. The super-short mini-cover-up-dress thingies are really cool, and the chains look awesome. The shorts underneath are really cool with the ensemble as a whole, and the biker gloves with the bracelets are AWESOME.

The Bad: C-ute and S/mileage’s costumes may be great apart, but together they don’t really have a theme or an image to them. Also, the shoulder things on C-ute’s costumes.

Overall: 3/5 together (C-ute: 4.5/5 & S/mileage 5/5 apart)

How Drunk Were They? They were drunk enough where they could create two costumes that looked great separately, but couldn’t figure out how to put them together.

The Black Pattern Costumes

The Good: C-ute. Just C-ute. They look sexy, fierce, and generally ready to beat the crap out of any other idol group that comes in their way. The little patches aren’t overdone, and the black pattern adds another layer to the skirts, tops, and the edge of the sleeves. the tummy showing is a great added bonus. S/mileage’s tops look good too. S/mileage tummy isn’t seen too much, and the V pattern on the top’s center really helps emphasize the tummy/boob appreciation we see here.

The Bad: There’s not really much to say for C-ute here in this section, so I’ll just move on to S/mileage. I could REALLY do without those puffy sleeves. I think the top would’ve done just fine to have been a tank top. The bottoms look like a skirt at first, but upon closer inspection we find that these are not shorts that look suspiciously like giant shiny pink pillows with legs holes cut out and sewn together into shorts. I think these are the most hideous shorts ever worn on an H!P stage. If these were skirts, they’d be really cute. But puffy, big, pillow shorts are NEVER cool with this blogger. You could sleep on those shorts- they obviously were not meant to wear! Also, wtf is with the black/silver bow on one side of the shorts, and a silver one of a completely different style on the other side of the shorts?

Overall: 5/5 for C-ute, 4/5 for S/mileage’s tops, and 0/5 for S/mileage’s shorts

How Drunk Were They? Hammered when they decided to convert pillows into shorts. Sober for everying else.

Morning Musume Spring 2011

The Gladiator Costumes

The Good: These costumes looked GREAT on stage, both when they had the capes on and when they had them off. The pants were loose, but they really worked. The boots were really cool, but they didn’t take away from these costumes. Also, the really intense accessories and belts put on these costumes made these costumes look awesome!

The Bad: Some of the armor, such as the piece hanging off of Riho’s shoulder here looked rather awkward and unnecessary with all of the belts and such on these already.

Overall: 4.9/5

How Drunk Were They? They weren’t drunk.

The Tutus

The Good: There were subtle differences in each tutu, and they looked great with the tops. I loved the motion in the skirts when they moved, too.

The Bad: As I said in my review of the concert, these tutus got in the way of almost every dance they did in them. Furthermore, some of the sleeves on the top were rather ugly or weird. Just look at Aichan’s during her MC with Riho. Also, I think these should have waited until Aichan’s grad concert to show up- a little tribute to Aichan’s classical ballet training. And then when they ripped the tutus off to reveal the black skirts, it would kinda be more awesome, as if to say Aichan’s no longer that little ballerina that joined the group. Anyway, moving along…

Overall: 4/5

The Encore/Promo Outfits

The Good: They’re really cute and fun for the Kyuukies, and they look really good on everyone. The design is fun but modifiable for tummy showing of the older girls. The colors also go well together.

The Bad: Upon inspection of the HQ photos of these, the fabric choices were a little weird. Sometimes, as a cosplayer, I find myself choosing slightly odd fabrics for the color, but I still think that knit shirt fabric is weird for the blue part. Particularly since I’m sure they could’ve had the fabric custom made. They’ve had it done before. Also, the silver on the skirts quite literally looks like tin foil. The white boots look like they don’t fit well, and kind of look like badly made boot covers, not boots.

Overall: 3/5

How Drunk Were They? Most likely drunk when they tried to choose the fabrics for this.

The Fan-Color Outfits

The Good: I really like how each group had their fan color on at least one set of outfits this spring, and this was Morning Musume’s. These outfits were a perfect blend of cute, sexy, and unique. The intricate gradient coloration of the sequins on the dresses was really subtle and cool. Also, the puffiness of the fringe wasn’t overdone like poof usually is for idols, and it actually looked really nice against the fringe. Each girl had her own style, along with her own color for this, and they all somehow ended up great! I don’t think there’s one of these I hate the style of. The accessories were cute and not excessive, like they tend to be with most costumes, which was also great!

The Bad: THESE COSTUMES WEREN’T ON STAGE ENOUGH. And, of course, Everyone got pink boots for some reason, even though it only really matched one girl’s costume color. They had both black AND white boots with them, why couldn’t they have worn those?

Overall: 5/5

How Drunk Were They? Probably sober until they decided to raid a boot store.


Well, then, here we are. 2 hours later and only about 2400 words of costume review.

Also, did I mention that these are the perfect idol single costumes?

I may not like the group or the song at all, but every time I see these, I get an eyegasm.

And speaking of eyegasms, go search out the costumes for Morning Musume’s new single, will ya?


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