Morning Musume Spring 2011 Tour Review~!!!


It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a tour review it seems. ^^’ Hope I didn’t get rusty through all this time! Here we go!

Is Fantasy Dx really a deluxe fantasy concert worthy of the Kyuukies’ introduction?


Set: I can’t lie, I love all of the video screens, and I’m a sucker for the light-up steps, though I feel that they could’ve utilized the steps much better, particularly in the more energetic songs. At parts, the lighting was also rather unfitting to the mood of the songs, too…

1. Majide suka SUKA– I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE INTRO!!! It’s really nice how it shows the old Morning Musume, then switches the focus to the cookies, and then blends them together into one new group. The intensity of the intro music really didn’t translate well into MJDSS, though. Furthermore, the dark lighting during parts of the song were really out of place and quite distracting. This is a “genki” song, right? The only time I really excused it was when they had all of the multicolored spotlights going. Everyone sounded great, though, and the high kicks were much better than they were in the TV lives of the song, and during the release events.
2. Fantasy ga Haijmaru A really cool performance, hindered by some moments of bad choreography. I mean, really, what was up with the bent arm parts (look at the first few moves of the dance break) and the constant jacket-grabbing. It should be noted, the costumes aren’t really fitting when you consider the song they were made for, but they are really sexy and fitting when you think of them for exclusively this song. (To be noted about these costumes: from blog pics, they have zippers on the back of the shirts.) Also, Ai was FIERCE in her high-notes. Also cool to see Sayu as center, considering how good she is at performing! Furthermore, when Sayu curled her finger as if to ask the viewer to come up on stage and get her, it was amazingly well timed during this song for sexy, particularly when you listen to the lyrics.
3. The Manpower INTENSE. The intro was really intense, and then the girls just come like monsters onto the stage, looking fierce. And then Ai and Risa belting and generally rocking it out on their respective sides of the stage during the belting sections. Also nice to see the kyuukies getting lines and duet lines with the older members.
4. Onna Gokoro to Nanto Yara (without 9th gen) This was super cute!!! The older girls seemed to be given about 5 seconds of choreography and were left to goof around for the rest of it. I really liked how they interacted with each other, and how well they performed together. Also, Ai/Aika at the end was just adorable.
5.Ichi Kara Juu Made Aishite Hoshii Fun seeing the cookies back up dance, but I wished they’d have sung this. The way they were pushed to the back/side of the stage like the eggs usually are made them really awkward and slightly distracting, particularly when they were in a clump. When they did get into formation with the sempais it looked much less awkward even if they didn’t have microphones. And then they just kind of left at the end to get microphones, instead of doing it between songs.
6. I’m Lucky girlIt was awesome seeing the older girls almost lead the cookies in this. The call/response singing was so much fun when it was the sempais to the cookies instead of the lead singers to everyone else. Also, watching Mizuki and Erina jump off those stair cases was really ironic- you’d think they’d be the ones who got hurt, jumping down stairs wearing boots like that. The side to side line during the intro/outro looks much better with 9 people than 5 people, too.
7. Suki na sepai – 9th gen I don’t think I’ll ever like this version as much as the original simply because the original was so good, but they do a good job with it. Kanon and Riho are the standout singers for me. Mizuki did exactly how I expected her to do, and Erina is improved, but still not good yet. The dancing parts were great. They put a great amount of energy into this for how new they are.
8. Resonant blue – Aichan, gakisan, reina, michishige, aika THIS SONG. AFTER WHAT SEEMS LIKE FOREVER. EVEN THOUGH IS HASN’T BEEN. AND THEY REALLY OVER PERFORMED IT AT FIRST. Man, it feels good. It also sounds good. And this song is much better since they have an amount of people in this performance that doesn’t make having only 3 people with solo lines so awkward. The dance break doesn’t look nearly as cool, though. You really need 9+ people for that. The shaking/convulsing towards the end was very Shabondama-esque. It was really cool how stealthily the cookies came in for the ending.
9. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game A good performance of this, but I really like the album version better when it’s performed. Also, weird having the cookies on stage with mics just dancing along to everything except the chorus, where their mikes didn’t even look like they were turned on, considering that the cookies didn’t sing into them really, just held them up to their mouths (and didn’t even keep them near their mouths. Also, the cookies just sitting in the back during the dance break was really noticeable. I really think this would’ve been better if they just accepted that the cookies didn’t do anything during it when they were onstage anyway, so they should’ve left them off. Ai’s DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-mo ne was as eargasmic as ever. Man am I gonna miss her doing that when she’s gone.
10. Sungoi My Birthday – Aika, Fukuchan and Zukki Not really digging this at all. It’s annoying, to be honest. Aika was clearly the center of this. The other two sempai/cookies numbers have equal attention for all, and then we get this, where there’s two cookies complementing Aika, not having the three as a real team. Anyways, moving on, Kanon and Mizuki sound the best. Aika has gotten much worse at singing since she joined the group. (Just listen to Dekiru Onna during her first tour) Zukki has a real problem keeping her mic near her mouth, but I’m sure she’ll get better at it as she keeps going with the group. This song is also boring and repetitive. I really would’ve liked a song that showed the cookies off more.
11. Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago(very short)~Tsuugaku Ressha – Sayumi medley The opposite of Aika, Sayumi has gotten much better somehow in the past year. She sings consistently live now, and can now stay in tune. Her vocal tone has also gotten better now. It’s great that they also chose songs that go well with her voice, too.
12. Rainbow Pink – Sayumi & Eripon SO CUTE. Eripon makes a perfect Koharu replacement for this song. I didn’t think that it would happen, because Koharu and Sayumi did  such a good job on this song together. It seems that Erina really likes to perform with her beloved cookies. Oh, she’s such a wota. They move well in sync, and they are generally cute together. I think that Eripon and Sayumi should do more duets. They’re two of a kind.
13. Moonlight night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~ – Aichan, gakisan, Riho HOT DAMN. I mean, man, this was how this was meant to be performed- not the way they did it at the spring concert a few years back. No, this is much better, with intense dancing, crazy good execution, and a fierce dance break in the middle. The song always striked me as sexy and mature, and the lyrics kind of turned me off the aspect of the song. Then I saw this, and I viewed the song in a whole new, even sexier light. I need this on my iPod for the posterity. I wish they did this more often. Unfortunately, our last chance for an awesome sexy dance extravaganza on stage for a while is this fall with the graduation of Ai. T_T
14. Ai no Honoo – Reina Loved the intro music. It really sets the music for the song. I also like how only the screens in the middle are on, and how the lights are blued out except in the center to keep all of the attention on Reina while she sings this. I would’ve preferred a shorter version of this, since everyone else got a shorter version of their songs, and those weren’t even solos. Reina still does a nice job with this despite the length, and she looks great as always.
15. Motto Aishite hoshii no A super cool performance here. I really liked the various camera angles and the way it switched around from girl to girl during group shots. It was also really nice how during solo lines they would show an angle where you could see the soloist bust also the other girls who weren’t singing so that you could really see what all was going on on the stage. I feel that this song would have been better if it was performed after they took the tutus off. Some of that choreography looks really awkward with them trying to navigate around the skirts. I also liked how they really filled the entire stage up with motion in the choreography during this song, because there really is so much going on here.
16. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai > Nachatte Renai > Kimagure Princess (medley format)– Interesting to see them doing these songs so soon after the graduation of three of the members who helped to make them, particularly since they seemed to be moving from the cool image of that era to a cuter image. They do a nice job on OMNI, but the transition was really awkward. While the dance moves for Nanchatte Renai looked great in these skirts because of how flowing some of the movements are and how the skirts move during the fast movements, they made the choreography look terrible at the beginning because of how close together all the skirts were. Also, Erina sounded AMAZING in her duet line with Reina. Kimagure princess really fit these costumes because they looked like princesses due to the huge skirts and the fabric of the shirts, but the choreography, particularly the butt emphasizing was looked really  awkward because of the skirts. Ai’s little finger curl that shouted “come here and get me” when she sang “Kimagure Princess” was super sexy.
17. Love machine I am so sick of this song it’s not even funny. It was really funny to watch the tutus fly towards the back of the stage at the beginning, though. I suppose this song is an initiation of sorts- when you’re a member of Morning Musume, you NEED to be able to do the choreography to this song in your sleep, or you’re pretty much dead to whoever makes these setlists. The cookies fit really well into the group during this song in particular, and they weren’t singles out by the choreography very much compared to the rest of the concert.
18. Ikimasshoi! I don’t think I’ll ever forgive them for changing the choreography from the original, because the new stuff with 1/2 the dancing consisting of arm swings better suited for an ape than an idol is really unattractive. Thank god they at least changed some of it back to the old stuff or to new stuff. At least the song is being performed at all. This song is super fun, and is one that really fires the fans (and me) up during a concert. The cookies also sound really good in this song. It should be noted that, interestingly enough, that Erina gets the solo line for the cookies during this, and NOT Riho.
19. Renai Revolution Probably for the better that the cookies that they didn’t have to do all the hip-grinding, gyrating action of the original dance break. They do a good job with this. It’s good that they did because this is another song on every setlist imaginable.

20. Namidacchi Interesting how they split the groups into groups of 3 instead of mostly groups of two as in the original song. The Riho/Erina/Sayumi trio was ADORABLE. The Aika/Mizuki/Kanon trio was really funny. The Ai/Reina/Risa trio was great together, as usual. Anyone notice Sayu rustling Ai’s feathers? (literally) Also, Aika doing the whole rap was super awkward. I feel that’s more of a group rap, or at least a cookies rap.

21. ONLY YOU Reina was lipsyncing, while Ai wasn’t, which was really awkward. I thought that was it: Riho wasn’t lipsyncing, and usually if they make anyone lipsync, it’s the new girls. And then it seemed that EVERYONE BUT Riho and Ai were lipsyncing, which I can understand- it’s a new song- but was still really weird. It was kind of annoying for the most part because of the awkward and obvious live to studio transitions. The performance still seemed good though. Not as energetic as the earlier numbers, but good.
22. BRAVO! Never liked this song, never will. It sounds like generic stuff. I mean really generic. I mean more generic than most of AKB48’s stuff. (I really like the non-generic stuff they release, though!) The choreography looks like something out of High School Musical, not something that Morning Musume would do. The singing is good, but is kind of boring. The two shots are more boring than normal, with no attempted kisses, no nose-rubbing, and no antics in general. I liked all of the kicking, but it wasn’t really good for the song that was being sung. Kicks work in intense songs, not in generic songs. Ugh.



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4 Responses to Morning Musume Spring 2011 Tour Review~!!!

  1. Trunks_01 says:

    I loved your review 🙂

  2. mormusu says:

    quite a much detailed review for Mornig Musume concert.
    I watch the live, soon I forget what is the song title or how the performance is.

  3. ku-chan says:

    def loved eripon-pinku ❤ maybe even more than koha-pinku

  4. gabriel/lookingfor/charmy says:

    i wonder Y is korean groups doing better than MM.i havent liked any member since koharu i think from her on tsunku should of started making new groups and choose better for MM. beats/choreography/lyrics are not that good since 7th generation. im saying cuz of videos watched and copies sold.SNDS is doind better and i think theres nothing good in this group also FX is doing good in 1 week more than MM (i do like FX) not as muy as 6th gen and earlier tho

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