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Current Morning Musume Members According to Fans For Beginners

Hi! I’m really knocking it out of the park with my sudden inspiration to blog before I might not have time to do so very often. Since I’ve noticed an abundance of new H!P fans springing up, and there are … Continue reading

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A Post Full of Poof

So, pettipond, a site for all-things petticoats has linked me! (I love that site by the way- there’s some beautiful dresses and wonderful old photos. To respond to their update regarding Japanese wedding gowns- Japanese brides often wear the tra … Continue reading

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The 5-Step Wota-Conversion Plan

Hi! And… One more post before I go. There may be more, who knows. This is my strategy for converting my Non-wota friend. Let’s do this. 1. SONGS- Morning Musume Spring 2009 ~Platinum 9 Disc~ Definately an awesome performance- non-wotas need to … Continue reading

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H!P Summer 2010 Costume Review

Hello~! I figured I should do one of these before I go off to college and just frequent H!O. Between skating team, classes, clubs, and football, I won’t have much time to write anything, so just expect mini posts or … Continue reading

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Is Tsunku Creating A S/mileage Rival Group?

Hi! With S/mileage’s new auditions’ results announced, there was one question: What the f*ck, UFA? The most popular egg from the auditions (and overall), Miyamoto Karin wasn’t in. With the exception of Meimi, no one cared about the other girls … Continue reading

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Recent Costumes- Spring 2011

Hi! So, you like my costume reviews, I hear? Well, I’m not going to go through all of the costumes from the spring tours, but the most memorable ones. Berryz Koubou Spring 2011 Ringmaster Berryz The Good: Finally some Berryz costumes … Continue reading

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Morning Musume Spring 2011 Tour Review~!!!

Hi!!! It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a tour review it seems. Hope I didn’t get rusty through all this time! Here we go! Is Fantasy Dx really a deluxe fantasy concert worthy of the Kyuukies’ introduction? FANTASY … Continue reading

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