S/mileage Audition Notes


I stayed  up to watch most of the S/mileage audtions, with a little break to watch my favorite show, The Soup. So, here we go: my favorite auditioners that I saw during the audition. With Screencaps.

This girl is pretty cute. I think that she has a voice that would be good to work with. She might fit Morning Musume’s image better than S/mileage’s, but I still wouldn’t be too upset if she passed the audition.

This girl is pretty cute. I didn’t really like her in the line-up portion, but she’s a pretty good singer.

RIBBON-CHAN!!! Her singing is pretty good, and she’s a good dancer. During the singing portion of the audition, she actually sang AND danced to Bijin Mama- something no one else did, with the exception of some of the girls doing arm movements.  She’s also REALLY cute, and the fans in Japan really seem to like her.

I didn’t really love or hate this girl, but I put her in here, because doesn’t she look like the combo of Linlin/Reina/Sayumi?

This girl is a great singer, and the fans seemed to like her. She also has some good legs- perfect for S/mileage.

Kaneko Rie- All eggs were numbers 3000+. She seems to be really shy and not too confident yet. Her voice is only ok, but I think that she can be a good performer if she comes out of her shell.

This girl was really cute, and she looked a little like a few AKB48 members. Tsunku seemed really interested in her, but she was really nervous.

Miyamoto Karin- She’s a great singer, a great dancer, and a great performer. I just don’t want her in S/mileage, I want her in Morning Musume. If she for some reason isn’t put into Morning Musume, S/mileage would have to be my second choice.

Red-chan- she is REALLY well loved already.

And that was when they first saw her for her singing audition. While she is a great entertainer and a great dancer, she really needs to work on her singing. I mean, this girl can’t sing for her life.

(A really good singer to her right!) Anyway, this girl has the legs of a model. Her legs alone fit S/mileage. The problem I have with her is that she also can’t sing for her life. I mean, this girl is almost worse than Red-chan.

Takeuchi Akari?- She had a very good voice, and she’s an egg, so I could see her doing well in S/mileage, particularly since she already knows the other members and the dances.

This girl was a VERY good singer. I mean, just look at that other girl after her, all intimidated by her singing. She has some legs, too! She’d be a good fit for S/mileage.

And this was the girl after her. She was also a very good singer. Not quite as good as the girl before her, but the girl before her was so good, it would be hard for some current H!P girls to out do her. This girl also has a great smile!

This girl was also a very good singer. She’s really cute, too.

Such a good singer, she’s quite the fan-favorite for it. I didn’t really notice her during the line-up, though.

This girl is really flexible, and was eager to show it off, but she can’t sing as well as some of my other favorites. I think she’d suit a dance group well, but not necessarily S/mileage.

This girl is a good dancer, cute, and she’d make the perfect idol. She did something awkward to Tsunku, though.

Her personality, smile, and boldness make her great to go on shows. Her voice isn’t the best, but it could be good if she got coaching.

This girl certainly is really cute. She seems shy, but she has a really great smile.

This girl’s talent was speaking English. Super cute. Her singing was only OK, but her English made her a standout for me.

I really liked this girl’s number. That’s about it.

This girl is ADORABLE. She looks like a really young Hagiwara Mai. She can’t sing, though, but I can forgive her because she’s so cute. Is she really in middle school?

This girl didn’t seem to be a good singer, but Tsunku sure liked the fact that she could drum. He was keeping her at her air drumming for about a minute and a half. Maybe he has an idea for an idol rock group?

Katsuta Rina- She’s a good singer, and a little shy, but I could see her being a good member of S/mileage.

Nagasawa Wakana- This girl’s voice was painful. Sure, she’s an egg, but I don’t want to see her debut in anything that involves her singing.

Takagi Sayuki- She’s certainly cute, I can give her that. Her voice isn’t bad, but it’s not necessarily a standout one. I could see her in S/mileage, but I’d perfer to have her wait a few years.

This girl is everyone’s favorite- 13. The Japanese fans were going crazy in the chat. The English speaking crowd on the chat was happy. H!O has blown up with praise for her. She’s probably the best singer aside from Karin that showed up, she’s really cute, and she’s confident. Appearently, she also has a background on stage. I don’t know if I’d like her in S/mileage or MM, but I want her to pass the audition, nonetheless.

So, My Favorite Girls To Pass The Audition: 118, 801, 750, The tan girl in the brown/white dress, 3003, 257, girl in the yellow dress, 13, 1079

Girls I hope will pass the MM audition: Miyamoto Karin, 13, 1079, The first girl in the post

Other Group: 1027, Girl in the yellow dress, tan girl in brown/white

Solo: 1079, 750



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One Response to S/mileage Audition Notes

  1. Dreamiin says:

    This girl is Otsuka Aina, one of the unlucky finalist from MM 9th generation’s audition. She is in H!P eggs right now

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