Day 5: 5 Idols I Love/5 Idols I Hate

5 Days for 5 Years Day 5: 5 Idols I Love/5 Idols I Hate


5. Watanabe Mayu (AKB48)- Probably the only AKB48 member I’ll ever love. She’s so cute and loveable. She manages to make bikini photos not look dirty one bit unless the situation calls for it, and she’s just all together a great idol! I also need to put it out there- she and Suzuki Airi make a mean duo during photoshoots. She’s really cute, and so was that photoshoot. She was also the first AKB48 member aside from Maeda Atsuko and Itano Tomomi I could recognize, and those two I could recognize because they were everywhere during the group’s early years. And still are.

4. Hayami Akari (Ex-Momoiro Clover)- I really wish that this girl hadn’t quit being an idol! I know she wasn’t popular, so she felt that she wasn’t cut out to be an idol, but I think that’s part of why I love her- she knew when to quit. Of course, that doesn’t make me any less sad about it, but it gives me some respect for her. Her rapping is just epic, and she gets so into the dancing. Furthermore, she’s so funny. Just look at that interview that Momoclo had with S/mileage. She’s obviously a very funny girl. I wish that she had gotten a push like Yasuda would. Yasuda wasn’t that popular, but as soon as the Utaban crew started to make fun of her and she started to play along with it, she became quite a bit more popular. I think that Akari would have been much more popular if she had that chance. Anyway, though, I still love this girl!

3. Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume)- Ai-chan may not have much of a what some would call a personality, but I’d beg to differ. I’d just say that she’s shy, so she comes off as boring. When she was around Linlin, they got up to all sorts of funny things. Even if she doesn’t have a personality that pleases some, no one can deny that she has a personality up on stage. She is a great performer, and, yes, I will use that picture as many times as I can because she looks so awesome in it. Ai-chan is also a great singer and actress, so I hope that someday she’ll be able to perform on Broadway or something! Also, have you seen Ai’s photo books? Ai’s butt is famous in it’s own right among the crowd of H!O’ers. I’m still mad she’s graduating, but I’ll get over it. Eventually.



2. Yasuda Kei (Ex-Morning Musume)- YASUDA!!!! This idol, here, is just too awesome for words. She knows some English, can play a few different instruments, is a great singer, and is hilarious. (Also, she has the same kind of dog as me, but that’s beside the point.) Kei is so funny, and I’ll never get tired of her appearances on Utaban. I really want one of those Kei-chan voodoo dolls they had. I’m sure they have plenty somewhere in storage. Kei’s wedding, her graduation/ascension ceremony, and pretty much all Kei-focused episodes of Utaban make me smile every time. Even when she’s not the center of the episode, she still snaked her way in for some antics. And then there’s her on stage. And her in PVs. And her at dinner shows. And her and Mari. And her on talk shows. She knows when to be silly and when to be a mature lady. I think that Kei knew exactly how to be a great idol- by just letting things happen as they did. She wasn’t insulted by Utaban’s hosts for always making fun of her, and in fact, in an interview her and her mother both thanked them for making Kei more popular. That’s a truely lovely young lady there.


1. Linlin (Ex-Morning Musume)- To be completely honest, I HATED Linlin when she joined Morning Musume. I think it was that her voice was so annoying in the solo lines she did get, and that she wasn’t really given a chance to shine as much as Junjun on H!M and HaroMoni@. We all know that Junjun had an extreme banana fixation, but Linlin didn’t really give us anything that would make us like her. The pandas were pretty quickly pushed to the back in singles and on stage, but they were hysterical on TV interviews off of H!P shows. Then Ame no Furanai… came along, and I heard Linlin sing a solo that fit her voice for the first time. I fell in love as soon as the audio rip came out, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I payed more attention to her in interviews and TV appearances, as well as hoping at every concert setlist for her to get a solo. When her blog came up, I read it at every post, and I still do. When the rip of her Aozora… solo in the Disco medley came up, it was an instant eargasm. Who know that she could belt like that? When her graduation was announced, I was angry and upset. I think this is how an idol should be, capturing your imagination, and getting you to love her with her unique charms. For me, Linlin’s charm is her singing and her quirky habits/addictions (anime). I can’t wait to see what she’s going to be doing, particularly since someone (I forget who) said that what she was doing back in Japan was a surprise for us.


5. Sugaya Risako (Berryz Koubou)- Risako makes me a little annoyed, and I think that’s why I hate her. She could never really sing, and it’s only recently that she’s been able to even belt anything out. Her voice rarely fits a song she’s given to sing, and because she’s a lead singer along with Momoko and Miyabi, who are great singers, she sounds even worse. Really, they shouldn’t put her in the spotlight. Sure, she’s popular and pretty, but I really don’t want to hear her sing. At all. Not one bit. There are girls that could take her spot, Kumai Yurina for one, but she gets it because she’s popular. I don’t really like idols who get undeserved attention weather it’s there fault or not, and I guess that’s why I hate Risako.


4. Goto Maki (Ex-Morning Musume)- Maki is a great singer. Maki is a great performer. Maki has a great body. Maki is pretty. I just don’t like her. I think she’s like AKB48 personified for me. I try to like her but I can’t. At least for her, I have some semblance of a reason why. I think that it’s because I feel that she’s unapologetic about some stuff, or at least was. After her mother’s death, particularly with this hiatus, she seems to be genuine, but before it, I didn’t feel like Maki was really that nice. She never really seemed to have fun on stage, and her comments about Tsunku were rather rude, considering that without him there probably would be no Goto Maki in Jpop. Also, she seemed like the spoiled princess of H!P. She was the only H!P artist to get male back-up dancers during their time with the group. She was also one of the few MM members who had solo singles out before she left the group. Maki was also always put in the center, which I can understand for her voice and popularity, but there were girls just as qualified for the spot. Even when before she graduated, sure, there would be unit songs and other performances, but the concerts seemed to be mainly about her, with Maki having more solo songs than the units, and her often having the best places on stage. The spoiled part comes in in that she never really seemed to allow the other girls to take the spotlight from her, which in some cases is good, but you can’t always have the spotlight in a group of 7-14 girls. And then insult one of the guys that gave you that spotlight in public.


3. Arihara Kanna (Ex-C-ute)- Kanna was just added to C-ute when I first became a H!P fan. I didn’t really know what a privilege it was for her, an egg, to be promoted. The only other egg to get promoted before her was Okada Yui, who was promoted to Biyuuden. At that point, too, there were about 20 eggs, and to be the one girl chosen to be put in a major group would have been a big deal. I feel that she never really lived up to it, despite there being more qualified eggs. (The members of S/mileage (minus Ayaka), Saho Akari, and Maeda Irori) When she left, she didn’t have a graduation, and left the group after a hiatus for a bunion, although many people took that with a grain of salt. She had also just recently had a scandal with a boyfriend, and I remember at one point, there were rumors that she had actually gotten pregnant. Kanna didn’t really give a reason for leaving and didn’t even give her fans a message. All that we know is the next year she signed with a modeling agency, and has been active with them ever since. My issue with her isn’t the boyfriend thing. I think it’s more that she just let down her fans. She never apologized to them, she never gave them a message about leaving, and she never gave any explanations that were worth trusting. I can’t really love an idol that doesn’t have at least some semblance of loving their fans, and the fact that there were much better eggs that could have been in her spot makes me hate her. Maybe I’m overreacting to it, but I would’ve liked it if I could tell that she tried to show that she deserved to be in that egg spot in C-ute.


2. Maeda Atsuko (AKB48)- Besides the fact that I can’t possibly get into AKB48, and that she was by far the first AKB48 member I could recognize, I still hate her. It must be that she’s the most popular girl of AKB48 despite her rather boring stage presence. As another blogger said, it looks like she doesn’t care that she’s on stage at all. Even in the PVs, she doesn’t seem to be as into it as the other girls. In Heavy Rotation, when she shares a mic with the lead, you can tell that she just isn’t excited for the song or the group as the other girl (Oshima Yuko, is it?) During RIVER’s PV, even though she is prominently featured, you can barely pick her out from the other girls because she’s so much less into it compared to them. Your eyes are on the other girls, not her. And in Namida Surprise, even when she has a whole group of idols/friends throwing her a party, she barely looks like she cares. I guess I hate her because I don’t think she tries anymore because she’s so popular, and so she doesn’t care about being an idol.




1. Kusumi Koharu (Ex-Morning Musume)- I liked her when I first found out about her, because, well, when I’m first getting into a group I usually attach myself as a fan to the member most similar to me, in this case, age-wise. As I get into my fandom, I will find a girl I actually like, and become her fan. Koharu immediately turned me off of her after I realized that she couldn’t sing and got lines because of her popularity. And then there’s the whole thing that her personality became annoying, and even her speaking voice became annoying. And that the only place I could see her was a Japanese kids show. And that she was just downright annoying. So I decided that I would ignore her, and when she finally graduated I was jumping for joy. And Morning Musume became perfect for me. And then she just had to join Dream Morning Musume. I think you get the point.



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  1. takinny says:

    Everyone you love, I love (except for number 4 since I don’t know her), and everyone you hate, I hate. XD

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