Day 4: 5 Best Costumes/5 Worst Costumes

5 Days for 5 Years Day 4: 5 Best Costumes/5 Worst Costumes

Added on 7/3 instead of 7/4 as an early 4th of July surprise!!!


5. Definately a keeper. I love the colors, they fit well, and, well, I just love them!!! So much!!!

4. These costumes were so perfect for the set they did with them, they fit, AND they were cute! The colors going with the design so well didn’t hurt either! I also really liked how the black bows weren’t too too big, as many bows on H!P costumes are.

3. This riding-type costume looked perfect on Airi, and it fit very well. The adornments weren’t too much, and the hat was an accessory that actually fit the costume- not just a random bow thrown on her head as a H!P hair piece usually would be. The color fits the costume and is not obnoxious on stage, and the costume is age appropriate. I love it!

2. These costumes were worn when Morning Musume came to America, and for good reason. They were the perfect mix of princess, sexy, and cute- three looks that could describe the history of Morning Musume. The costumes all fit well, and the color is to die for. Also, the skirts were slightly puffy in a fashionable way- that type of skirt was in, but not too puffy. The subtle black layer under the pink of the skirt also brought the skirt together with the blue and black top. The white hats, while there was no white on the rest of the costumes, somehow fit the costumes. A great ensemble, if you ask me!

1. THESE. These are the ultimate. They fit the Musume members well, and they were sexy. The military theme was super cool, particularly with the theme of “Rival Survival”- like they would machine-gun down their Rival groups to survive. The lighting effects and fire shooting from the stage at the concert only made these cooler, and I don’t think anyone could deny that. These costumes were also a last blowout of sexyness before the much younger and more cute members joined. And man, what a way to go. It was also cool how they had the uniforms’ colors/types separated by generation to show different “ranks” of Musumes!


5. These costumes didn’t really fit that well. You could see that the tops were way too tight around the girls’ breasts, and that the jacket’s sleeves weren’t attached very well, or at least not in an effective manner. That’s not even the worst part, either: the white part looks like they were wearing their undies outside their pants, particularly with the black lace trim around the white. And for the record, lace on pants never looks good. Also, the layers of black fabric above the underwear looking fabric looks really bad. For future reference- there are MUCH, MUCH better ways to make it look like someone’s wearing chaps when they aren’t. If that was even the look they were going for.

4. Raincoats can look good on stage. I can attest to that. And I believe I’ve seen AKB48 pulling off some really cute ones on stage. Morning Musume has even had cute raincoat costumes a few years back. But not here. Oh, not here. At all. These don’t really look like raincoats, but they’re made out of the fabric. They were over other costumes, but they look so badly fitted that they look like they were made in 10 minutes. There’s a much better way to put a cover-up costume together, and somehow they’ve pulled it together in every concert put this one. Furthermore, the designs for these dresses, like with the random strips of fabric for skirts, the random gray bows, and Risa’s disgustingly unmatched and huge sleeves, these costumes couldn’t be saved with any fabric. Which you know means it’s a bad costume.

3. I think this is the most recent costume on the list. I understand that Chinami likes to put 3D hearts and bows on her nails, but that doesn’t mean that they go on her outfits, too. The colors for this costume don’t match well. The cut of the shorts around the waist is very awkward, and the belt doesn’t do much to help out. Also, the pattern on the shorts is just bad. They really couldn’t come up with a better pattern than just the letter “a”? Furthermore, the hoodie’s stripes don’t look good with the pattern on the shorts, and the marshmallow vest wasn’t made very well, so all the stuffing gathered at the bottom, making it look very awkward and bulky. Those aren’t the worst part of the ensemble, either! Just look at those plushies they glued to her! How could those ever look good. It looks like she was thrown in a doll pillow bin covered in awkward splotches of glue. And, FYI, a hoodie is not a shirt. Even if it is under a vest.

2. THESE. THESE THINGS. They’re like the demon lovechild of a beadazzled Kermit the frog and Big Bird. And that’s most certainly not a compliment. If these were just the green fabric with gold rhinestone adornments, it may have been better. But no, they just had to put fluff EVERYWHERE. Bright yellow fluff to be precise. Reina’s legwarmers look like they’re going to eat her, and the fluff on Aika’s shoes make them look like bird feet. The hair ornaments all look like fluff was glued to their hair, and since these were worn at the end of the concerts, the thought of sweaty fluff doesn’t make these better. The fluff on Ai, Reina, and Koharu’s shorts looks like the most uncomfortable thing to have on your shorts, and Eri’s tail makes it look like they had extra fluff they needed to stick somewhere. The fluff bands at Koharu and Linlin’s knees are a crime to fashion and movement, and Who can say that Sayu’s fluff-covered skirt wasn’t so hot to wear. These costumes are just impractical an ugly. End of story.

1. I don’t even know what to call these. Thank god that only three of the girls had to wear them. And that they weren’t used by the eggs. And that they weren’t on stage. And that no one’s ever tried to recreate them. And that there hasn’t been anything this bad recently. That fabric is horrific. It would be a crime to fashion by itself. The not-well-hidden-at-all zippers look terrible on these dresses. Those sleeve-lets on the dresses are so horrible looking I can’t even start on them. The hem was done badly, by just folding the fabric under 2 inches and stitching. The seams on the sides of the skirts aren’t ironed. And that’s not even getting to the most glaring issue: the stuff stuck on the dress. Those purple, yellow, green, and blue tube/fabric swirls would look bad anywhere. On anything. Yes, even on Linlin’s head, as (at least) three are. There are two random hearts on the yellow belt, hidden by another blue swirl. And then there’s the hats. Those hats. They look like hats that you would get to give to little kids to play dress-up with. And for some reason, they happen to be glued to this dress in haphazard places. I can’t even describe how awkward that looks. Because it really looks awkward. It does.



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  1. says:

    “Risa’s disgustingly unmatched and huge sleeves,”

    I think you mean Eri. I can’t see anything wrong with Risa’s sleeves?

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