Day 3: 5 Groups I’ll Always Be a Fan of/5 Groups I’ll Never Be a Fan of

5 Days for 5 Years Day 3: 5 Groups I’ll Always Be a Fan of/5 Groups I’ll Never Be a Fan of

Always Be A Fan Of (In order of likely hood of this list holding):


1. Morning Musume– I’ve been a fan of them for five years now, and I don’t see myself ending my fandom any time soon. I love how MoMusu keeps changing so that there are new girls to meet and change the group. I don’t always like their costumes or their new singles, or their PVs for that matter, but I will always like Morning Musume. I’ve tried almost every Japanese music under the sun aside from the traditional stuff: J-rock, the boy bands, soloists of both genders, and visual kei, but I still have always liked Morning Musume the best. It was love at first sight (or listen) I guess!

2. Buono– I can’t lie- I HATED Buono! when they first came out. I found “Honto no Jibun” boring, and at that point, I was only a year into my fandom, so I could hardly name one H!P kid. I did love Shugo Chara!, though, and I listened to the OP and ED each time I watched it with my sister, and eventually got addicted. So I listened more. My sister didn’t get into Buono!, although it’s the only idol music she’s ever even slightly enjoyed. (More on that later, with Berryz Koubou) By the time Renai Rider came out, I was hooked for life. Buono! is what first got me into the H!P kids, and if I didn’t like them, I’d probably still not listen to any H!P kids stuff. I honestly can’t hate ANYTHING Buono! does. Their new single “Natsu Dakara” was one great example. I hated the 30-second preview, but now that a 3-minute preview’s out, I’ve had it on a 30-minute loop. It’s just Buono!, I guess.

3. C-ute– I didn’t really get into C-ute until last year, I believe. They were just starting up as a serious H!P group when I first got into H!P, and they only had indie singles that I didn’t pay much attention to. Their first two singles were boring and generic. I didn’t like them. At all. What’s more, I couldn’t tell any of them apart, really. There was nothing to really latch onto: they all did the same dance, and they didn’t really get to show their personalities in the PVs well. I LOVE Tokkaiko Junjou, and I still do, and the badass dancing made me take notice. Then, the next year’s singles were all kind of boring and bland, so I didn’t pay attention to them. At all. 2009 was another equally boring year, with no good singles. But then at the beginning of 2010, I saw their dancing. And heard Amai Wana. And, so, I fell in love. I listened to their more mature songs, and fell in love with them. Dance de BAKON and Aitai Lonely Christmas only solidified my love, and now, I can’t even hate some of their pop stuff, like Momoiro Sparkling. Kiss Me Aishiteru and Midnight Temptation were instant eargasms, and the dancing at their streamed concerts were eyegasms. God, C-ute is good. I need more of them in my life.

4. Mini Moni– I loved how they had an English-speaking member. Sure, CocoMusu was made up of only English-speakers, but they didn’t get any attention. Mini Moni also sang cute and fun songs that fit their target audience. Their mature stuff towards the end was also fun because it showed off how great its singers really were. I can’t hate Mini Moni, and with Mika tweeting, I love her even more. Also, the new generation having Linlin (until her graduation, that is) only made my love for the group grow!

5. W– W was made up of 1/2 or Mini Moni, and both halves of W had scandals, but I still love them, even if they’re broken up. The music is great and all, but I love the girls so much. I stalk Nono’s blog to see how Noa is, and to see what she’s doing entertainment-wise, and I love to see what Kago is doing through all of her ups and downs. I just can’t hate either of them! I think that’s why W is here- there will always be a part of me hoping for at least a W reunion, or at least a picture of the two girls together!

Never Be A Fan Of (In reverse order of how likely I am to like a group):


5. Berryz Koubou- I like some of Berryz’s songs, but I hate the majority. Mainly because I find most of it boring. I also don’t like Risako, who just happens to be one of the lead singers. I don’t know anything about any of the members but Miyabi and Momoko, and that’s because they’re in Buono!. I just don’t find that much to be interesting in this group. While I do like Saki’s dancing, I don’t really find anything about her interesting. And Yurina may be tall, but we don’t get many opportunities to hear much from her. Massa I don’t know anything about. At all. And Chinami hasn’t really proven to be interesting in any way other than her costumes and nails. Even Berryz’s costumes and dancing is much less interesting that C-ute’s. I think that’s the reason that I’ll never like them: when they have C-ute as their sister group/competition, how could I possibly pay any attention to them?

  • Curiously enough, this is the only idol group that my sister’s ever even listened to after finding out that they were a sister group to groups that I wota over. She watched Inazuma 11 at the urging of her friends, and now they’re all all up about the endings that Berryz did!

4. Boy Groups in general– Sure, the guys are hot. I’m not going to lie about that. I like the eyecandy that comes from these groups. But I don’t like much else. The songs are somehow generally more bland than those of most of the girl groups, and I don’t like men’s voices as well as women’s as a rule. (With mixed-gender choral groups and Chanticleer being the exceptions) I’ve listened to quite a few of their songs, but the only one I’ve managed to get though more than twice was “Monster” by Arashi. And I REALLY like that song. I don’t think I’ll be able to get passed the pictures, and for that reason, I can’t see myself liking anything but the pictures, and I’ll never be into any guy groups.

3. KiraPika– I’ve never liked Koharu after I heard her open her mouth to sing. And when I found out that she had singles to her name- two at that point- I tried to listen, and I liked them, though her voice wasn’t the best. By the time KiraPika rolled around, her voice was whiny and annoying me enough to completely turn me off her. Hana wo Pun was an annoying song, made all the more annoying by Koharu’s voice. I liked Futari wa NS as a cute little friendship song, but when I heard then 11-year-old Mai’s somehow more mature voice contrasted with Koharu’s whining, I couldn’t stand the song. I don’t hate the group because of Mai, I hate it for Koharu, and what her voice made the group.

2. AKB48– I’ve tried. And I finally gave up. I tried to watch them live, but got annoyed by all of the blatant lipsyncing. I’ve tried to attach myself to a member of the group to fangirl over, and found Watanabe Mayu, but that still wasn’t enough. I’ve tried listening to their songs, but I only like “RIVER” and “Namida Surprise.” “Heavy Rotation” does get stuck in my head, sure, but I don’t like it. It’s one of those ear worms that gets stuck in your head for the hook and nothing else. I simply can’t help but give up. I can’t find a way for me to like this group. I want to like them, but I simply can’t find a way to like them. Nothing about AKB48 screams anything at me. I can’t like them, and I don’t know why, so I gave up. I do like the girls individually, but I don’t like them together as a group. I’m not going to try any more.

  • I still do like their costumes better than anything H!P’s ever put on the table, and their costume designer is awesome. Just puttin’ that out there.

1. Any other ***48 group- Sure, I like two of AKB48’s many songs, but I can’t find a girl or girls in any of these groups to latch onto. They just seem like generic copies of AKB48 to me. If I can’t find a way to latch onto AKB48, the original group, how am I supposed to like any of their more generic subgroups?



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2 Responses to Day 3: 5 Groups I’ll Always Be a Fan of/5 Groups I’ll Never Be a Fan of

  1. TommyVD says:

    “AKB48- I’ve tried. And I finally gave up”

    Been there, tried my darndest and failed as well.

  2. J says:

    You gots a great blog here!! I had the same problwm with AKB, plus the fact that there’s literally 48 girls in this group. I feel like I need to learn about all of them to learn about the group. But I do like their sister group SDN48 since their older and more unique compared to the other groups. Too bad they’re disbanding

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