Day 1: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me-dori

5 Days for 5 Years Day 1: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me-dori

1. I am a sports fan- I love sports almost as much as idols! Figure skating is my favorite overall, but I do love football, baseball, and basketball. Gymnastics is also fun for me to watch. Being a sports fan has made me a very competitive and passionate wota about my favorite groups. And just For reference, my favorite teams are:

  • Baseball: SF Giants, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox
  • Football: Michigan State Spartans, Chicago Bears, California Golden Bears
  • Basketball: Purdue Boilermakers, Golden State Warriors

2. I am a sucker for Comedy Central’s late night programming- If it’s on Comedy Central in general, I’ll probably watch it, but the late night stuff is what I’m a HUGE sucker for. Futurama was one of the first comedic cartoons I watched, and Tosh.0 keeps me up with the latest disgusting web videos. South Park is currently my favorite humorous cartoon, anime or otherwise. Also, Colbert and Stewart are my heroes! I try to watch their show every night, the next day, or OnDemand if it’s there. I really appreciate good comedy, and seeing my favorite idols on variety shows was no exception.

3. I LOVE to cosplay- I’ve been cosplaying 6 years, and while I haven’t really done any wota cosplays, I would like to get a group together someday. I suppose that whenever I see an amazing single costume or a piece of clothing in a photobook, single, PV, or otherwise that I want, I’m inclined to go to JoAnn’s immediately. Right now, I’m sticking to anime costumes, but I’ll be sure to post pictures if I ever do get around to costumes based on idol ware.

  • Fun fact: I actually got into Morning Musume after seeing USA Musume performing at an anime convention!

4. I can play the Xylophone, Steel Drums, and Glockenspiel– In theory, I can also play the piano because of this, but my piano skills suck. I can also sight read music and sing (I’m a Mezzo-Soprano), but I prefer just to play music instead. Less of a chance of embarrassing myself playing an instrument than singing. A lot less people can play the steel drums or glockenspiel then can sing, and therefore less people can judge your ability at it. When listening to idol music, I’m always trying to figure out what the sheet music would look like, and I often count rhythms to it.

  • In fact, because of my skating background, aside from trying to figure out the sheet music, I also think of skating routines in my head.

5. I study Chinese, not Japanese, although I spend my spare time on Japanese, and have studied French in the past- I would like to study Japanese, but currently, I’m am studying Chinese in school, so Japanese is on the back burner. The Chinese characters I’ve learned help tremendously with Japanese, though, and I can read some Japanese because of it. I am also capable of reading katakana and hiragana to help out. While hearing idol songs and reading translations, I’m able to pick up vocabulary and grammar structures, so I could say that I’m learning Japanese mainly through being a wota, not because I’m a wota. ^^’ I also took two years of French in elementary school, though I have forgotten most of it. I might take it up in the future, even though German or Swedish sound more interesting to me.



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