9th Generation: 5 Month Check-up


Since the 10th generation auditions were just announced, and the 9th generation is settling in nicely, let’s see how my opinion has changed. I’m really starting to warm up to the 9th generation, and I really like all of them quite a bit. So, without further ado, let’s see how my opinion’s changed regarding my cookies, now.

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Suzuki Kanon


Singing Potential: 3/10

Personality: 10/10

Dancing Potential: 2/10


Singing Potential: 5/10- She is certainly getting better, but is still not the best. I think that she can become a good singer with even more practice, even though she isn’t quite there yet.

Personality: 10/10- Between Afro-Zukki, Strawberry-Zukki, Bug-Zukki, Glasses-Zukki, and Pose-Zukki, she has all the personality in the world right now!

Dancing Potential: 8/10- She’s improved most at dancing, for sure. She could barely learn a dance in early training footage, and from the footage of the concert on 5/8, it looks like she’s already caught pretty much up with the older girls.

Other Thoughts: Zukki’s rapidly improving, and I can’t wait to see how much she grows by the time she’s a high-schooler even! Also, I don’t think she photographs very well, but she looks great on film.

Fukumura Mizuki


Singing Potential: 7/10

Personality: 6/10

Dancing Potential: 9/10


Singing Potential: 6/10- I feel that either I overestimated her singing when she first joined, or that she’s been getting worse during her time so far in Morning Musume. She doesn’t seem to be quite as good of a singer as when she joined whatever the case is.

Personality: 7/10- She’s gotten MUCH less awkward, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t awkward still. She’s also become a more mature figure than she once was, but I still want to see her come out of her shell more and just give a big, Zukki-esque smile.

Dancing Potential: 9/10- She’s fine on the dancing. There hasn’t been much of a change in her ability, but that’s to be expected considering she was trained to dance by people who most likely also work with Morning Musume.

Other Thoughts: Mizuki hasn’t really gotten better or worse at anything on a huge scale. I think that she has room to grow, but that she hasn’t at all because of her experience as an egg.

Ikuta Erina


Singing Potential: 5/10

Personality: 7/10

Dancing Potential: 9/10


Singing Potential: 8/10- She’s gotten SO much better at singing. She isn’t screaming anymore, and as I hear her sing more, I’m hearing more improvement from her. Erina seems to be finding her singing “grove” so to speak, and it’s working out well for her. I hope that she can continue to improve in her singing.

Personality: 8/10- Eripon’s still really shy, but she’s starting to smile a lot more! Every day on the H!O forum thread for her, I see more posts of her fans gushing over her smile. Her pigtails also make her look much more bouncy and energetic, so while she’ll want to ditch them in a few years so she’ll look older, for now I feel that they’re helping to bring out her personality.

Dancing Potential: 7/10- Now that she’s got the beat, she’s having no problems, but she still has problems finding the beat sometimes. I think that she’ll get much better at this as she continues to perform with the group, and as she continues to work on it.

Other Thoughts: Eripon definately is the most improved, although she still has problems with dancing. I really like her now compared to my indifference when she first joined. I hope that she can become a much more energetic girl on film- she’s so funny in blog pictures, but has yet to show it for the camera.

Sayashi Riho


Singing Potential: 8/10

Personality: 8/10

Dancing Potential: 1000000/10


Singing Potential: 9/10- She’s better than I had originally hoped, and she doesn’t seem to have the nasal tone that I thought she might have developed. In fact, she’s so good that people on H!O were having trouble determining which lines were her’s, Reina’s, Ai’s, and Risa’s in Only You. All we know is that she is the only 9th generation member to have a major singing role in the single and that she has a few solo lines.

Personality: 9/10- She’s really funny in blog posts. I love to see her and Zukki messing around with their strawberry hats, food, and random sweets in blog posts. She’s also really come out of her shell in recent TV appearences. In the concert footage and pictures, she’s so into the music and the concert, too. I love it.

Dancing Potential: 1000000000000000/10 The meter’s breaking more every day. Wotas, the UFA English blog, and even casual fans have been driven crazy by her mad dance skillz at the latest concert, and I can tell that I will be too. Her dancing is just phenominal, and I have no idea why she won’t show it off more.

Other Thoughts: Riho’s improving, but when she’s this good, will she be able to improve more on anything?


Well, we might see another check-in with the 9th gen in another 3 months, but we’ll see.


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3 Responses to 9th Generation: 5 Month Check-up

  1. Roddy Reta says:

    Your ratings are largely on the mark. Maybe a little generous on the singing, although I realize your measuring potential rather than current ability.

    I’d give Eripon a 6 on singing, Suzuki a 7, and Riho maybe an 8.

    I hope tenth gen has someone in the 9-10 range.

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  3. Cristelle says:

    ^ I agree with Roddy up there about the singing. I think the 9th gen so far has been pretty weak in general in terms of vocals. And I think Eripon still leaves much to be desired (have you seen their perf on J-Melo? -_-;;), but yes, she is improving. Kanon and Riho are definitely my favorites, and I think that Fuku-chan is slowly growing on me as well.
    I definitely want 10th gen. to have some kickass vocalists. Momusu will need it.

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