Why Dream Morning Musume Isn’t My Favorite Spin-Off Ever

Another day, another post. This time, it’s an editorial about why I choose to ignore Dream Morning Musume.

I suppose I should love Dream Morning Musume- they are made of mostly “golden age” members, and I love all but two of the girls. Some of these girls were in the group in the summer of 2006- when I first fell in love with Hello!Project, and the rest were in Hello!Project. But I honestly find myself less than amused, happy, or even supportive of this group. In fact, I perfer to ignore it.

Iida, Ogawa, Miki, and Yaguchi are all great, funny, and generally great members that I loved watching on TV. Yuko was the most awesome OL idol ever, and still looks not a day over 30, despite being almost 40. Kei is tied with Linlin for favorite all time Musume if only for her talent and her Utaban appearences, and Yossie and Rika make a mean HANGRY & ANGRY. The only two I have major problems with- Abe and Koharu are certainly overshadowed by my love for the rest, but I still don’t care about DMM.

Could it be the exposure? They’ve been on twice as many shows as the normal MM, and still didn’t sell nearly as well as them. Honestly, they’re not as fresh, and they don’t need the exposure nearly as much as the 9th gen, and they’ve been around so long, it doesn’t matter nearly as much. If people like them and know they’re releasing an album, it doesn’t really matter that they get more exposure than Morning Musume themselves.

Could it be the music? They mostly have old songs on the album, and none of them are ones that I really like. Sure, I like the first few Morning Musume singles, but I’m SO sick of Love Machine and pretty much everything after it until Egao YES Nude. The new songs for the DMM album are boring, or generally nothing different from anything, and with the old Morning Musume members singing them, they don’t sound new.

Could it be Koharu? I said it wasn’t the members, but by that I meant the members of the whole, but Koharu sticks out like a sore thumb. The rest of the girls look great- mature, sexy, and about the same age- mid-twenties to thirties. All but Rika have a mature vocal tone, and even Rika can make her voice sexy, or at least make up for it with her dance moves. And then we get to Koharu. Her voice still sounds like a whining second-grader’s, and she’s at least 5 years younger than the next youngest member. She’s sexy on paper, and when she’s not singing, but when she is singing, she still reminds me of an annoying kiddy-anime character. She just sticks out like a sore thumb.

Could it be the budget? Before UFA even knew how much money DMM was going to pull in, they planned two concert tours. On Morning Musume’s latest concert tour- who sold 40000 of their latest single, and about 13500 of their latest album- there is a simple set that looks similar to the Winter 2011 H!P set modified slightly, and only 5 costume changes, including their single costumes for Maji Desu Ka Ska? and the promotional costumes- so really only 3 new costume sets. At the Dream Morning Musume concert, who have sold 12,500 albums, we have a set that seems fairly original (within the last 3 years), and at least 5 costumes changes that we have seen (though there may be more), and none of the costumes have been previously worn by any of the members.

Or could it be all of this and more? Comment and tell me your thoughts on DMM and why I don’t like it, because I honestly don’t understand why I can’t stand them.


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