3 Fandom Things That Drive Me Crazy


This was just something I felt that I needed to write, due to my annoyance in trying to find anything idol-related on YouTube.

1. Fandubbing

This section has been edited to be less irrationally angry

THIS. I hate fandubbing. Okay, some fandubbing. Sure, it’s fun to sing your favorite musician’s songs, and I certainly sing along to H!P, AKB, Perfume, etc’s songs, but I can’t always appreciate fandubs. If the sound quality is good, I appreciate fandubs, but often fandubs are just people singing over a concert video/recordings. I want to hear people do fandubs that will have good sound. There’s a purpose for instrumentals, but if there isn’t one, I can understand, as long as there’s some effort to lower teh back-up music so I can hear the fan singing.

And now there are “auditions” for “generations” of fandub groups. A commenter has pointed out that it’s a way for fandubbers to connect- to talk to eachother. I understand wanting to talk to people who like the same things you do, but I don’t see a need for auditions. If fandubbers want to network with other fandubbers, shouldn’t they all be included? I don’t see a reason to hold auditions to join the circle. If it’s a fandub, live fandubbing ustreams or something would actually be pretty cool, so that we could hear the fandubbers sing live. I’d perfer this type of fandubbing concert rather than the type currently on YouTube. (If any fandubbers are willing to do this, I’d listen!)

2. Fighting

Seriously? If you’re an idol fan, you like idols. You don’t have to like all idols, but it’s not right to diss the rival fans/groups. Sometimes I feel like the AKB48 and the Hello!Project fans are the worst about this, and while there’s only a small number of fans that are fighting between the groups, I’m sure that there are more that think badly about the other fandom. They’re all idols, and they’re all cute. The marketing strategies and the music may be different, but there’s evidence that idols from all the different groups are friends. If they can be friends, the fans can too. Those fans can agree to disagree. Most of us already do.

3. Hating on Idols

This isn’t a purely international trend, either. When Ikuta Erina was announced as a new member of Morning Musume, Japanese fans started to say that she looked too “foreign” or that she shouldn’t be in Morning Musume all because she was an AKB48 fan. She likes Hello!Project groups too, especially S/mileage. Sayumi is known to like AKB48 and S/mileage, so why does Erina get the bad rap? Because she’s new. Really, there’s no reason for it. Fans need to cool their horses on some things.

North American fans initially went crazy for Riho. She seemed to be a fan favorite from the start with both international and Japanese wota. Now, as I browse the H!O picboard and forums, I’ve started to notice that her thread has drastically slowed down. Riho is sometimes acused of being stuck-up or too self-obsessed. I haven’t seen any evidence of either accusation, and honestly, I’m sure that many idols are probably self-obsessed. Junjun and Sayumi both insist that they’re the cutest idols out there, and no one can deny that idols, particularly the ones that get the most attention in a group, such as Maeda Atsuko, Ai Takahashi, Suzuki Airi, and Sugaya Risako, must have some level of self-obsession. The main thing though, is who cares? Everyone is a little stuck up. It happens. Why should we bash an idol for it, particularly if they don’t act like they are.



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3 Responses to 3 Fandom Things That Drive Me Crazy

  1. vanilla says:

    I say this as a fandubber… You have no clue how much work goes into a good fan dub, and it’s just as legit as a cover. There is an INSANE amount of work that goes into a good dub. One has to continually redo poor lines, etc. The mixing in and of itself is a hard job. It’s not just playing the video and singing over it. For more than one person, it can include hours of work of synching lines and getting everything to sound just right. And lots of people (like myself) either can’t afford a camera, or aren’t comfortable being on camera or putting their face online, so we just use the original video instead.

    I say, ignore it if you don’t like it. We have fun doing it; I don’t really see how it hurts you in particular. We are doing it not because we think that we’re better than the originals. We do it (or at least I do) as a tribute to the original. Regarding the dub groups… It’s a way to meet up with people who have the same passion as us (passion for singing and our idols). I don’t see how someone’s hobby (singing) fits up there with “trashing other idols” and “fighting”.

    Anyway, it’s kind of self-centered to say “I don’t want to hear it, so NO ONE SHOULD DO IT!” isn’t it? It reminds me of that image that has STOP LIKING THINGS I DON’T LIKE! on it.

    (And I’m not sure why they would include instrumentals if they didn’t want people to sing along to them, so there you go.)

    • midorigirl says:

      Thanks for the feedback.
      I would like to say, that I do not disrespect fandubs, but they highly annoy me.
      I should have said it in the post, but this post was meant to be an irrational, mean post of anger that blows my actual feelings out of porportion.
      I do realize that lots of work goes into them- I do know people who do dubs- but I that too often the sound quality is not that good. If there is an instumental, I feel like people should sing along, and that it’s perfectly good to do so, but I honestly get annoyed when people sing along to a live version or don’t use the instrumental to a song that has an instrumental.
      Regarding fandub groups- I can understand the whole getting to know fans and others that like to fandub, but I do not understand why auditions need to be held. We are all fans, I’m sure we all sing along, and even if someone can’t sing very well- I’ll admit, I can’t sing well as a soloist, only as a member of the choir- as long as the sound quality’s good, I don’t see why auditions need to be held. If someone wants to connect with other fandubbers, they should be able to.

      I hope this response was appropriate, and maybe you can send me a link to your fandub group? Change my mind?

      Also, in order to apologize for my rudeness in the post, I will post a derp!Midori dub, and you will see why I won’t ever do any fandubbing aside from that one.

  2. jiloca says:

    I, for one, thank you for speaking out about fan dubs. They are horrendous!!!

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