Winter 2011 Costume Extravaganza~!


Well, here’s my (hopefully well-awaited) winter costume post. There’s tons of pictures, and lots of me trying to be funny. So sit back, relax, read, and enjoy.

Risa Niigaki’s Princess Dress

The Good: This dress looks absoultely stunning on Gaki-san. It fits her body nicely, and makes her look like a princess. It’s not a cutesy little princess, either. Here she looks like a mature woman, not a little girl.

The Bad: The extra fabric on the shoulders really makes the dress look like it was attacked by another costume.

Overall: 4.5/5

How Drunk Were They? Probably sober. Maybe.

Ai Takahashi’s Princess Gown

The Good: This dress looks stunning on her. She looks really wonderful in this dress, and it really fits her age.

The Bad: It may be the picture, but the dress looks simultaneously see-through, maternity-chique, and bird-attacked. What is this thing?

Overall: 3/5

How Drunk Were They? Sober when designing it, but they must have killed a few birds and glued the feathers on to the seams of the dress. So, pretty drunk.

Reina’s Princess Dress

The Good: This dress seems custom made for Reina. It’s fashionable, poofy, and pink and black. Perfect for Reina. The random black bow on teh skirt doesn’t even look too bad.

The Bad: Slightly too poofy. This dress might’ve been perfect if not for the extra foofy skirt.

Overall: 4.9/5

How Drunk Were They? Not drunk. At all.

Sayumi Michishige’s Princess Gown

The Good: This dress makes Sayumi look like an adult. Most of what she wears makes her look like a teenager or a little kid. Not this. It’s not trying too hard to be sexy, like a teenager, but ends up being sexy, like an adult’s dress.

The Bad: There’s really nothing bad I can say about this dress.

Overall: 5/5 (HOMERUN!)

How Drunk Were They? Probably not at all, but considering what they usually do, they might have had to be drunk to have done this well.

Sayumi Michishige’s Alien Costume

The Good: Look at this. Tell me what you see good about it.

The Bad: When I say that the costume designers like to make Sayumi dress like a kid, I’m not lying. But this costume isn’t a kid’s costume. It’s a kiddie pool turned into a costume.

Overall: 0/5

How Drunk Were They? Hammered. They must’ve gone on a drunken raid into a toy store, saw a kiddie pool, and thought for some bizarre reason that a kiddie pool makes a good costume. That takes a whole lot of alcohol.

Chinami’s “Heroin Ni Narou Ka” Costume

The Good: This costume screams Chinami to me, and isn’t overaccessorized or overstated, but fits her well.

The Bad: A mini-vest is always tacky, and along with the bow tie, looks like a bad attempt to make a bartender’s uniform stylish. It never will be. Get over it, people.

Overall: 3/5

How Drunk Were They? Well, they got their inspriation form a bartender’s uniform, so they were probably at least at a bar.

Group Costumes for the Solo Concert

The Good: These are really sexy, mature, and fit the new Hello!Project, where all of those little girls have grown into young women. These costumes highlight how while the majority of these girls are still teens, they are growing up.

The Bad: The colors and material make an obnoxious combination. The colors are so obnoxious together when they’re the only two colors on stage. The fabric looks plasticy, hot, and uncomfortable: not a good combo.

Overall: 4/5

How Drunk Were They? Drunk for the picking of the colors and fabric- at least enough to think about how gross the combo was.

Group Finale Costumes

The Good: The colors and fabrics for these costumes are much less obnoxious, and work well without the jackets.

The Bad: I understand the jackets being tied to the merchandising, and being traditional japanese wear, and it being the year of the rabbitt, but the bunny ears and the jacket make a horrendous combination. The fluff attacking the jackets doesn’t help matters.

Overall: 2/5

How Drunk Were They? Fine when they designed the dress, but getting increasingly drunk with the ears, jacket, and finally the obligitory-by-now drunk fluff-pile raid.

Group Costumes (Group Concert)

The Good: These were good follow-ups to those glorius army outfits from Morning Musume’s fall tour. Sexy-army wear can almost never go bad.

The Bad: The colors are so child-like, they detract from the sexy. If they were olive green, black, or even white, they would be so much better. Also, those really puffy pants and the capes some sported make the costumes go from a 3 to a 1. They were just that bad.

Overall: 1/5

How Drunk Were They? Again, the devil’s in the color selection here. If not for the coloring, the capes, and the puffy pants, I would assume they were sober for once.

C-ute’s Kiss Me Aishiteru Costumes

The Good: Hot Damn! Look at how great these look. I’m sure when they stepped on stage, wotas everywhere died from blood loss.

The Bad: These may be… um… I don’t know anymore… Mai’s 15 now.

Overall: 5/5

How Drunk Were They? NOT DRUNK. AT ALL.

Airi’s Riding Suit Costume

The Good: This looks really cute, and gives Airi some serious curves, or at least the illusion of them. She looks great in anything, really, but this costume, man. The old-fashion riding dress theme is really nice too. This costume is so amazing overall, that I’d guess it was an AKB48 costume, not an H!P costume- because they design good stage costumes.

The Bad: This is a costume that I’d expect for Tanpopo or S/mileage, not Airi, particularly Airi singing Memory Seishun no Hikari. This really does not look appropriate for the song.

Overall: 4.9/5

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to give this costume to the wrong person.

Erina’s Seishun Seranade Costume

The Good: Love it. It’s punk, it fits the girl, and it looks super badass. I mean, really, couldn’t you just see Erina flipping someone off and swearing like a sailor wearing this?

The Bad: The zippers were way too overdone, and often in really awkward spots to have zippers. Also, this costume is so badass, why was it given to Erina, and why was it given to her for such a terrible song, that is most defenately NOT badass?

Overall: 4/5

How Drunk Were They? If you think adding 10 unnessesary zippers to a costume is a good thing, then please tell me how drunk they were.

Miyabi’s Solo Costume

The Good: This really seems like something that Miyabi would wear and love with no protest. It also looks great on her, and for once, the bows and black frill hanging off the dress make the dress look great.

The Bad: The weird leopard-print top looks like it should be worn with a white tank-top and jeans for a casual time out with friends, not over a nice purple dress during an idol concert.

Overall: 4/5

How Drunk Were They? Only drunk when they put that top over the great dress, they must have been on something.

Maimi’s Summer Outfit

The Good: This looks really summery, and shows off Maimi’s wota-favorite tummy. Also, this looks like it could be a legitimate beach cover-up. The fabric looks great with her skin tone, and the jean jacket makes the outfit easily customizable by Maimi depending on how she wants to wear it that night.

The Bad: The random bunch of unmatched fabric on the hip. Really? It looks tacky, and looks like it should be on some other costume.

Overall: 4.5/5

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to stick a random tail of fabric to the side of it, and leave it on there. Really, guys?

Chisato’s Modern Pioneer Dress

The Good: Lovin how this looks on Chisato. It fits her really well, and generally looks nice.

The Bad: The fabrics look bad together- the brown pleather belt, the sequined purple skirt, the tacky 80’s fabric top, and the lace collar do not, and will never, form a cohesive combination.

Overall: 2/5

How Drunk Were They? Probably drunk to choose such a horrendous fabric combination.

Chisato’s Princess Attire

The Good: This looks really great on Chisato. It’s mature, pretty, and cohesive. This dress makes Chisato look like a princess, and you can tell that the fabric makes her look good enough to pull of the ribbon bows easily.

The Bad: Whatever’s on her head looks terrible, and are those cowboy boots? Leave it to Japan to think that cowboy boots match everything. Because they don’t.

Overall: 4.5/5

How Drunk Were They? Not very drunk, until they decided to glue a bunch of random read stuff to a headband and call it a hair accessory.

Momoko’s Cowgirl Outfit

The Good: NOW THIS is what works with cowboy boots. And about the only thing that does besides jeans and a button-up. This costume is really Momo- from the pink color to the theme of the song she sings- Momoiro Kataomoi, I believe.

The Bad: The hearts on the side of the cowboy boots look terrible, and the skirt is short enough next to the high waste to make it look like this was made for someone 5 inches shorter that Momoko.

Overall: 4.5/5

How Drunk Were They? Not drunk until they decided it was a good idea to decorate the boots.

Reina’s (High King?) Costume

The Good: This takes me back to the days of Aa! and Reina’s amazing costume in that unit. This hat with this hairstyle on Reina reigns supreme as my favorite hairstyle on here. The style of clothes is also always a homerun with the boyish Reina. I wish I could see her wearing this type of thing more.

The Bad: It’s almost too formal. It looks quite a bit like a bartender’s outfit again. If this was more casual and less fitted, this costume would look better than it already does.

Overall: 4/5

How Drunk Were They? Not drunk at all, but they must really like bartenders this year. Maybe they’re trying to get the girls to give them more alcohol for more crazy costumes?

Chinami’s ??? Costume

The Good: The… original concept? Maybe? I don’t know!

The Bad: While they may have gone to the toy store to buy Sayumi’s kiddie pool, it appears that the costume people accidentally drunkenly raided the baby toy isle and bought every  heart-shaped plushie in that isle. And then sewed every single one onto the costume. I think you can see where this is going.

Overall: 1/5

How Drunk Were They? Really drunk. Raiding a toy store to get a kiddie pool to turn into a dress is bad enough, but plush hearts, too? And then sewing them onto a dress? You will never be able to convince me that they weren’t drunk with this one. NEVER.


Well, that’s it for Midori’s winter fashion review. Tune in next time for a review of the Spring Concert outlook on things.


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