S/mileage, S/mileage, S/mileage

With the start of a new year, there’s usually lots going on in the idol-verse.

AKB is selling well, and a few AKB members are sleeping over with and wotaing over Hello!Project members. Sayumi Michishige and Tanaka Reina themselves are singing AKB48 backstage, new idol groups are popping up, and bloggers are speculating about what will happen in the idol-verse this year.

Being almost two months into the year, we have some idea: AKB48 is continuing their dominance of the market while C-ute are turning into the YouTube sensations of the idol world. Morning Musume has added new, much younger members and are set to release their first hyper, high-energy single in quite some time. Berryz Koubou is still doing music that sounds like it should be for Inazuma 11 despite not doing the music for it anymore. Hello!Project Eggs are moving on to bigger things, and Ai Takahashi is graduating to a career that might be on the Japanese Broadway circut. Momoiro Clover is losing a member, but they will probably replace her and continue on their path of bizarre music videos and epic dance routines.

S/mileage, on the other hand, is fighting to be the new top idols with short skirts, and their next attempt involves…

That’s right. Stripper shoes.

I’m not lying, look at those shoes, and try to tell me that your first impression wasn’t that those shoes look like something that a rather… unclassy… person would wear with flowers stuck on them.

I still love you, though, S/mileage~!


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