AKB48 Costume Review Pt. 1


Well, Here’s the first part of my series of AKB48’s stage costumes. A way to get to my heart is through stage costumes, so I figured that in my quest to love AKB48, I would look at their costumes.

Before we start, all pictures are from this post, and I’m grateful to whoever posted them for saving my series: http://stage48.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=576&sid=79cae739f6f1ae7ca5e195702ca47f02

A1 K1 – Party ga Hajimaru yo Stage Costumes

These are some of the AKB costumes I remember from pictures from when AKB48 was just created all of those years ago. I can remember some of these, and I don’t know exactly why, but one of the most seen early pictures of early AKB is in one of these costumes.

 The Champaign  Dresses

These aren’t the most attractive dresses I’ve ever seen, in fact, while I think they’re classy, I don’t like them very much. It may just be the background, but I find the color rather boring. Of course, the design is very interesting, and I rather like the design as a whole. Even if the background takes away from the color, I could see how these would look absolutely lovely when they are put on stage under those bright lights.


The Red Dresses

These dresses are good in general, but I really would like to see something more flashy or detalied for idols. This dress just is kind of… amateur… not what you’d expect to be seeing on idols that are putting on a professional show. This dress doesn’t look well-pressed or well-fitting either. The fringe at the bottom is nice, but did they at least have some accessories so that these costumes didn’t look so… boring?


The Sophisticated Dress

WHOOOOOOT!!! I would wear this even on a normal school day. I LOVE THIS DRESS. I suppose that the neck tie is a little weird and old fashioned, but it still fits with the ensemble, so I can’t really bash it. The high-waisted skirt and the nice shiny fabric must have looked really nice on stage, and quite frankly, while this isn’t idol-like in it’s over-the-top-ness, I still like it a lot better than I do most idol costumes anyway, so…


The Early Uniform Dress

Now, this is the iconic dress. The early picture of all of the 1st gen girls sitting with the producer have the girls wearing this dress, and it really hits the “idol-in-training” idea. I love how these are also very sophisticated, so that the idols seem professional, and yet, they created the uniform-type costume theme that we still see from AKB48. These are probably the dresses that define the early AKB for me.


The Anime Dresses

I love these! They go well under the jackets, and they seem very anime otaku friendly, and considering that their theatre was purposely placed in a place where otaku hang out, these dresses make quite a lot of sense.

Also, they’re really cute! I’m sure that these dresses looked adorable on stage, when they were performed in!


And here’s three more early outfits for you to comment on! I want to hear what you feel about these three early costumes that tap on different essential types of idol costumes! What essentials of idol costumeing do

you think I see in these costumes?




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