5 Things I, As a Wota, Desperately Want


Since I’m officially 18, this Midori can officially buy… well, I already could buy all the products pretaining to idols, so… really nothing new.


There are some things that money can’t buy that I desire greatly. Here they are in no particular order:

To Love AKB48

This may sound weird, considering that I have vowed to start blogging about them starting this week, but, well, I just can’t bring myself to like them. Sure, I LOVE RIVER, and Namida Surprise was all I listened to on my birthday, but that’s about all the music that I listen to from them. Despite this, I just can’t bring myself to like them. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it seems (to me, at least) that every posed picture of them outside of PV/stage costumes is in bikinis or underwear, or it could be that I’m getting increasingly creeped out by their ever increasing number of groups. Seriously, AKB48 might be easier for me to get into if I didn’t have to memorize 48 + research student names, and I can only recognize Atsuko Maeda. And every time I get determined to learn the names, it seems that a new group pops up. Do we really need 10x the AKB spin off groups? It’s getting kind of rediculous. Of course, with AKB’s popularity, I could see how girl groups would make more money for the company, but… now that this whole OJS48 has popped up, it’s kinda turning me off of them.

S/mileage’s New PV

Despite the long and quite rediculous song name, the PV for “Onaji Jikyuu Hataraku de Tomodachi no Bijin Mama” looks like it will be quite epic. With Tsuji, a fake American restraunt, and otherwise, this is going to be great. And further more, from the measley little 30 second teaser trailers that are coming out, I have an even greater need to see this PV. I mean, with the crap that’s coming out of H!P lately PV and costume-wise, to have something this incredibly awesome, what more can a wota ask?

I’ve already bought the song on US iTunes (Yes, it’s avaliable quite early.), and I want to see this thing, darnit! Every day I wake up and check to see if the PV has been uploaded or streamed or something, after all, the release is only 1 week away, and this seems that it will be required viewing for all wotas S/mileage and classic Morning Musume wotas. May this epicness be released upon us very soon.

Or I’m going to be annoyed.

Morning Musume Getting New Members

Sure, this new tour looks quite epic, and WHY MUST MY BELOVED LINLIN LEAVE?

But, I really want to see some fresh, new, epic talent in here. Will we find the next Goto Maki? Maybe not, but adding Saho Akari (an Egg) would be REALLY, REALLY epic. Also, there’s potential to bring back that 8/9-nin musume that we love. 8 & 9 members just seems to be the perfect number in Morning Musume-land. That’s the number they had when most popular, and that’s what they had when their sales started going back up recently. Anyway, whatever the case, these new members will be a breath of fresh air, and an injection of new energy into the wotas. An audition is always good for Morning Musume’s popularity, and we might see this audition bringing in a completely new Morning Musume that we’ve never seen before. I can see more sexy coming at least in the immediate future from the blog previews of their costumes from the concert. ^-^

A W Reunion

Now, I’m realistic, I know that this won’t happen anytime soon, but it would be awesome. Now that both Tsuji and Aibon have gone through more adult problems, and they both seem more mature from the experience, I want to see how they’d act together or even sing together. There are rumors that they still talk and such, but I really want to at least see some sort of interview with the two of them. It would be rather interesting to see how they interact compared to when they were younger, and how they view each other, with Ai becoming a sexy jazz singer, and Tsuji becoming a cute “Bijin Mama” and raising a family. This may also be out of my desire to see them perform together again and maybe even release the dropped album?

This begs the question: will we ever know if any of the songs that were from that dropped album ended up becoming album songs for future H!P groups? There are certainly songs on recent albums that sound like they could’ve been written specifically for W. If you know one of these songs, or want to express your opinion on the matter, post it in the comments. There may be a future post about the songs on recent albums/singles that I think were written with W in mind.

Buono Coming to America

Holy @*#&! If this happened, I would be teh happiest person on the face of the planet. Buono is far and away my favorite H!P group right now, and their 3rd album is simply the single most epic album ever released from an idol trio. I mean, how awesome are the harmonies, and the melodies, and the lyrics, and, and…

Well, the point is that I REALLY want to see Buono! live, and I can’t exactly go to Japan with school and all, so it would be epic if they came to me… I needs a giant Buono! magnet! Hmm… what should I use for it? They sung songs for Shugo Chara. Could that be the excuse for them coming to an anime convention? It would be the most epic thing that ever hit this country, local convention! *Hint, hint* You still have 8 months until the convention. So, can you book them already? Please?



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