Nails Report- Fall 2009 to Fall 2010

Hello all!

As I felt that I needed to blog about nail trends, I have noticed three major changes in idol nail land:

  1. The H!P kids are getting quite crazy with their nails
  2. Risa and Ai’s nails are crazy, but have you seen Chisato’s?
  3. Miyabi no longer seems to be going too crazy.

So, without further ado, here we go…

This picture shows the craziest that Risa’s gotten on her nails in quite some time. And this was in the fall of 2009! She has somehow put miniture fruit-shaped things all over her nails, and while it is cute, how the heck are those supposed to work. The nails on the top are also Risa’s. As you can tell, she hasn’t been going quite as crazy or overboard, and has gone towards a more mature, womanly style.

The other Morning Musume member with noteworthy nails has been Reina. Ai has been natural lately, so Reina has decided to go crazy with her nails. And this is as crazy as she’s been getting. They’re rather nice and simple when compared to some of the crazier ones that Risa and Chinami have had, but they’re still rhinestoned and decorated to an insane level.

Now, what have the H!P kids been doing now that they can get their nails done? Well, Miyabi and Chinami have been taking full advantage of the new privledge. Let’s see how this is working out.

As you can tell, Miyabi is similar to Reina: she likes simpler, but still crazy nails. The black and white polka dots/stars are really cute, but they look at least close to natural. The Pink nails are long, but they still have aditude. The gradient of the pink and the sparse rhinestones make these nails look really nice. During 2010, I have not seen Miyabi wearing fake nails.

Chinami Tokunaga was one of the Hello!project girls that I never expected to have her nails be crazy, as I took her to be a tomboy.

Boy was I wrong.

As the first set shows, she goes really colorful and tends to have quite a few 3D ornaments one each nail. The second set, colors with black stars, looks really nice. These seem to be the most practical out of them all, because she wore them for a longer period of time than her other sets. The final set is blue and white, but still rather unique. The blue 3D ornaments are really cute, and with the white and the simple design, they don’t seem quite over-the-top compared to some of the other sets that she’s worn. I’m expecting great things in nails from her in the future.


Well, that’s all for now. I’m going to research AKB48 costume trends and nail trends. I will report back with the results  next week.


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