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Karaoke Subs

Since I’ve always found them to be kinda fun, I decided to start doing karaoke subs on H!P songs that wouldn’t be subbed otherwise. Therefore, my YouTube channel is here:Ā if you would like to see the PVs that I … Continue reading

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5 Things I, As a Wota, Desperately Want

Hello! Since I’m officially 18, this Midori can officially buy… well, I already could buy all the products pretaining to idols, so… really nothing new. BUT There are some things that money can’t buy that I desire greatly. Here they … Continue reading

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For Your Reading Pleasure…

Well, since I’m back into blogging, I would like to hear what you would like to hear me post about!

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Nails Report- Fall 2009 to Fall 2010

Hello all! As I felt that I needed to blog about nail trends, I have noticed three major changes in idol nail land: The H!P kids are getting quite crazy with their nails Risa and Ai’s nails are crazy, but … Continue reading

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Midori Has Moved!

Hi! Since Vox closed, I have decided to move my blog to wordpress, so here I am. The archives for my vox blog have been moved to here: I will be blogging more (Hopefully once a week) than I … Continue reading

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