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I felt I’d be more motivated to post if I did short bursts of posting.

So, the solution to that is my new Tumblr: midoriblog.tumblr.com

Each post will have one costume reviewed, and when a set is complete, all the reviews will be compiled and posted here in the normal format of a blog post. So don’t worry, if you don’t have a Tumblr, or just don’t want to follow me, you can still find reviews put up here periodically.


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Tumblr & Cosplay tutorial

For everyone that wonders why I don’t post that much, well, I do post in other places. I will still post my costume reviews on this blog periodically, and I plan to write one up very soon.

As for where else I do post, I plan to make an H!P related Tumblr someday, but for now, here’s a link to my personal Tumblr that contains very little H!P, and  more just me reblogging stuff I like.

Also, exciting news! I am making One.Two. Three. Cosplays for my older sister, myself, and a friend. As such, I decided that I’ll keep you guys updated on progress and how to do each step in the costume. (Along with the materials  and patterns I used/drafted.) Right now, only one skirt and the patterns are done, and no more work will be done until December 15th (at least), so hang tight on that note.

If you have any other H!P costumes you would like me to make tutorials on, please do suggest things through Tumblr or here. Of course, I can’t make them all, and I’m only going to spend the money on ones I like, but you’re still free to suggest. Since my abs aren’t amazing, if you request any tummy action, those costumes will be made for my sister or one of my friends (or you, if you send me the money to make it.)

So, love you all!


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Hello!Project Mega Costume Review

Hi! Sorry this took so long. Between anime conventions, masquerade skits, and my summer job, it’s been harder than I thought to find time to write. But here I am, writing a new post for you guys to finish these up.

Single Costumes

Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku Outer

The Good: These costumes are elegant, well put together, and generally fit the group very well. The detail in these dresses is nice, and the décor isn’t over the top. The group colors with subtle design changes for each group looks really nice, too.

The Bad: Mano’s color stands out, but being a soloist, she looks really weird in it. I think giving her a color like black or purple would have made her look more like a member of the group as a whole while making her still noticeable. Her mustard color on this dress is downright ugly, to boot. The lace bodices, skirts, and delicate flowers also provide an interesting and not entirely pleasant contrast to the sequin belts. Furthermore, I get that these are only cover-ups, but it would be awesome if random straps didn’t awkwardly cross the neck area not covered by the dresses.

Overall: 3.5/5 They are good as a whole, but minor issues that you’d have to look hard to see do present themselves

How Drunk Were They? Well, they have to be drunk if they think that a sequin belt goes with delicate fabrics and patterns.

Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku Inner

The Good: These are sexy, but not too sexy for the younger members. The bits of black hanging off provide a good contrast to the all of the main colors, and provides a dramatic stage effect when all of the members turn to the side to show only the black fabric on the costumes. (After the extra black fabric for the concert was added, of course.) The subtle hair accessories and varied boots and colors make for a colorful and fun stage without overwhelming the eyes. I particularly love the chains and patches added for the concert. Also, that fabric is pretty cool when you look closely at it – the color isn’t fabric, it’s all sequins!!!

The Bad: As I’m sure you’ve heard me complain about before, there’s something as too many accessories. Also, those ugly striped socks should be nowhere near these. (You know which ones.)

Overall: 4.5/5 If they had restrained themselves on the number of patches and chains and random socks

How Drunk Were They? Sober during the initial design, but for the concert revamp, they must have been so drunk they didn’t notice they had already put accessories on.

Renai Hunter Outfits

The Good: These are really cool and fun. I also like how the generations were separated by color, adding some extra color and variety to the costumes. The visors, the hairstyling, and those awesome boots were perfect additions to these costumes, too.

The Bad: Notice that ugly butt bulge? Yeah, I did too. Now, what is it, you ask? Well, let me tell you. It is a lace-up portion on the back of the shorts so that they would fit right. I’m not quite sure about that choice. They could’ve added the lacing to places that wouldn’t have made a bulge, added an invisible zipper instead, or just found a stretchy silver fabric instead. Also, having something other than stars in the colored portions would’ve been nice, like rhinestones.

Overall: 3/5 Construction problems and planning issues drag these costumes down a few ranks, but I still view them favorably.

How Drunk Were They? Not necessarily drunk, but definitely stupid.

One Two Three Costumes

The Good: These are a good mix of sexy and cool, and they really show what Morning Musume is at its 50th single: cool, cute, sexy, mature, and young all in one costume. The ruffled corset-like bodice is sexy and adorable, while the black and white miniskirt matches perfectly. The subtle addition of the member colors in lacy gloves, bows, and hair accessories is nice, but not overwhelming. The colorful boots draw your eyes down, but when paired with the stockings make a perfect zettai ryouiki look for the wota, and when the fans’ eyes are drawn to that, it’s a good thing. (For them, at least.) The hair styling and make-up is perfect (with one exception), and each girl looks their best,

The Bad: While not noticeable in the pictures, the dance shot makes it obvious that the skirts are sewn way too high on the bodice. While this does make an illusion of longer legs, that’s only if you only look at the legs, and in this case it wasn’t executed well enough for it to be a good illusion. As for the exception for the hair, what’s up with Zukki’s? It looks like she’s about to go on some kids show segment or something, not dance to a cool song.

Overall: 4.5/5 These are great for Morning Musume’s 50th. I only wish the skirts weren’t as high up.

How Drunk Were They? Don’t know if the costume people were, but Zukki’s hairstylist had to have been drunk to think of that one…

Be Genki

The Good: These are pretty decent as far as idol superhero costumes go: they have capes, they have a pretty superheroish design, and they fit everyone.

The Bad: These are nothing nearly as good as what they’ve worn as superhero outfits in the battle concerts. I mean, if you want to do superheroes and your group already has superhero “identities,” why not use them and their color schemes? And then there’s the awkward shoulder padding. It’s ugly and awkward, not superhero like. A pressing question: why superhero costumes at all? This single sounded not epic at all. I mean, like, not made for superhero costumes.

Overall: 3/5 Good, but not as good or as fitting for the single as they could be.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to think that these costumes fit this song.

Kimi wa Jitensha … de Kitaku

The Good: These are sexy, mature, beautiful, well-fitting, and all-together awesome. This is what C-ute should wear all the time considering how sexy and awesome their music is. These aren’t sexy in a “here I am, guys” way; these are sexy in a very mature, subtle way. The red jacket with the black lace of the top and some of the skirts are great in creating a mature but not slutty image.

The Bad: First of all, skirts can be short and sexy without being quite that shirt. Also, this single isn’t really that sexy of a single, so they don’t fit that well.

Overall: 4/5 These are sexy, but the song isn’t sexy, but they still look really good.

How Drunk Were They? If it says anything about how drunk they were, they thought a ballad was sexy. Or maybe they just think of sexy differently than I do.

Deep Mind

The Good: These outfits are perfect for Buono! – they scream both “punk” and “idol.” They’re black and dark red plaid, they have chains, and yet they still have frills and poof to them. What makes them better is how well they fit each girl and her personality – Momoko’s is cute, Miyabi’s is fit for a diva, and Airi’s is pure idol.

The Bad: These look slightly awkward in motion, but it doesn’t distract from the dance.

Overall: 4.9/5 I would’ve liked to see these look better in motion, but they look so good otherwise it’s easy to overlook.

How Drunk Were They? Pretty sober

Dot Bikini

The Good: These are really cute, and really fun for S/mileage. They are also bikinis with dots on them, which fits the song title quite nicely. Aside from those fits, they also fit well on the girls while not being too too skimpy for a single outfit. The miniskirts also help fit S/mileage’s miniskirt theme very well and move nicely in the music video.

The Bad: I loved the design and make of these outfits, but I could’ve liked them even more if they had sarongs for skirts over bikini shorts or something that didn’t make the skirt look like one of those skorts everyone wore in 5th grade. And while red is a nice color on most people, considering the youth and energy that S/mileage embraces, it would’ve been fun to have some variety in color, or at least making the bikinis a shade of pink or yellow. Since this is S/mileage we’re talking about, and S/mileage has some wacky PVs, it would’ve also been fun to have seen some multi-colored polka dots instead of white ones, even.

Overall: 4.5/5 but with some improvements that could’ve put these over the top

How Drunk Were They? Sober

Cha Cha Sing Outfits

The Good: These are sexy while fitting the theme. Underneath the gold layers of the skirt, the girls are wearing short pencil skirts that show their legs nicely. The legs are showed off even more by the heels that they’re wearing. The tops are also pretty fitted underneath the mini jackets they’re wearing, and the jackets draw attention to that area. The headpieces and the jackets fit the song, that they are emphasizing for its country of origin – Thailand.

The Bad: I’m not a huge fan of the fabric coming off of the wristbands. It would have been nice if it had something to do with the dance or if the type of fabric was lighter and the fabric flowed better. Just a tip: if you have long pieces of fabric hanging off of your costume, it would be nice if they moved well.

Overall: 4.5/5 They look good, but it would be nice if those wrist bands wouldn’t have awkward pieces of fabric hanging off.

How Drunk Were They? Sober. Unless those wrist bands were a mistake.

Concert Outfits

Black and White Group Costumes

The Good: These are fierce, sparkly, cute, and intense all in one. They could really be used for any song they’re needed for. These costumes fit well, form a good group image well, and all in all work together well. I really like the color scheme and the design of the costumes as a whole, and the fact that the pattern is made with sequins is rather nice. The accessories don’t take away from the costumes one bit, and the whole image that is created with this set fits the concert nicely.

The Bad: A few girls have some awkward garters on the top of their boots.

Overall: 4.9/5 There are extremely minor details that could be fixed, but these are very good for an H!P concert.

How Drunk Were They? Sober

The Sparkly Fringe Costumes

The Good: These are generally fitted well, they have good colors, and they aren’t insane. Well, maybe a little.

The Bad: Fringe and sparkles rarely go together well. And when they do, the sparkles are in a trim. There’s certainly not stars sewn on randomly or really fake neon hair extensions, either. Oh, and can someone please explain to me why someone thought having a pair of pants with one leg cut off was a good idea? Furthermore, feathers don’t usually look good on anything, and they certainly don’t look good with sparkles and flapper fringe.

Overall: 2/5 Some good ideas went into this, but there were some very bizarre choices, too.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to get bad hair extensions from a party store along with feather boas and stars and decided to glue them to the costumes.


The summer 2012 costumes will be reviewed when all of them have good pictures, but hopefully pretty soon.


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Seriously Guys

Stop. Just stop.

It’s so annoying when you complain about line distribution and say “stop giving those two popular girls all the lines.”

WELL, I have something to tell you. The idol business is a business. The company makes the vast majority of their money from Japanese fans. The Japanese fans like those two girls. A lot. So it makes sense to prominently feature them. Because the wota will buy more if their favorite member is featured. And those two members have the most wota.

Deal with it people. If you can’t, don’t be an idol fan.

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H!P Kids Costume Review


Well, this is mainly a Berryz costume review since they’re aren’t many C-ute costume pictures out recently. There’s also some Buono! stuff and costumes from the joint concert for good measure.

The White Uniforms

The Good: These are very clean and crisp. They look professional, and they fit well. These costumes also look really organized on stage – they create a cohesive image, but they separate the groups from each other.

The Bad: These costumes are really boring. They bring nothing unexpected to the table, and white is just really… bland… on stage. I really dislike how boring they look, particularly when they were worn for exciting and hyper songs in what was billed as a “roller-coaster medley.”

Overall: 3/5 There’s nothing amazing about these, but there’s nothing bad other than their sheer boringness.

How Drunk Were They? Not.

The Rainbow Barfing Costumes

The Good: These costumes have some good designs for them. Captain’s costume shows off her tummy nicely, or how other costumes have skirts and shorts cut at a length that complements the girls’ legs nicely. The skirts also have the perfect amount of floof under them – they have volume, but aren’t huge.

The Bad: These costumes have fabric that pretty much defines the whole “a rainbow threw up on me!” thing. The fabric is ugly, an eyesore, and looks horrific when paired with the amount of each girl’s member color. One of the telling things about how bad the fabric is is that if you used any other kind of fabric these may be good – denim, white, silver, black, etc. Other costumes just have baffling colors for the petticoats – Miyabi’s costume is ugly rainbow and purple, but the petticoat is red and easily visible. Some of the costumes have severe design flaws – like the collar on Airi’s that makes her costume look juvenile and the rather unflattering design of Maasa and Nakki’s costumes. Risako’s costume didn’t look planned out – it looked like they made a dress from the fabric and then added her member color as an afterthought.

Overall: 1/5 The only redeeming factor of these is that some of the designs were pretty good. Others looked like they were made by 20 different people on acid.

How Drunk Were They? Not drunk. I’d say they were more in a psychadelic mood, high, and hired some extra high interns to try and slap these babies together and pick out fabric.

Buono!’s Cowboy (?) Outfits

The Good: I like the denim with the red. If these were done right, those two fabrics would work pretty well together for a cute cowboy-ish outfit.

The Bad: Well, these weren’t done right. The denim on Miyabi’s boobs look like some sort of awkward bra with a red cutout. The beading on the denim makes it look even more awkward. The layering on the skirt is ugly. I think that having a flat-out denim skirt with a red tube top would’ve been a much better choice than having brown and black skirts with denim and red on the top. What you also can’t see in Miyabi’s picture is that she has brown cargo shorts under this. WHY? Momoko’s costume’s skirt looks really awkward with this top. The only redeeming costume for this set is Airi’s.

Overall:  2/5 While these costumes were bad, and I chose the worst one as the example, Momoko’s wasn’t quite as disasterous, and Airi’s was pretty cool, so I’ll give these a “decent” mark.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to turn the costumes upside-down and then add random shorts/skirts to the costumes.

The Dress-up Costumes

The Good: Good? What good?

The Bad: Well… do I have to list them all? Please, don’t make me! I have to? Okay… Well, then. The random patches on the jean vests, the random bows on the shirt, the high waists, the extra length on the tutus, the fact that there is tutus, the random colors on the tutu, the belts that don’t even remotely match the tutus, the awkward hat, those… things… hanging off, are those fake tattoos?, the bad gloves, (Can I stop now? I think you get the point.) Basically, these look like what I would make as a 5-year-old playing dress-up with old dance costumes, my mom’s hat, and super-90’s accessories.

Overall: 0/5 These look like they raided the dress-up box of their daughters.

How Drunk Were They? Potentially drunk enough to time travel back to the ’90s for those vests, then fake-tattoo the girls, and finally raid the costume closets of little girls all over.

Little Rocker Berryz

The Good: The fabric and design of most of the costumes in this set scream “rocker idols.” I also like the use the accessories for the set, and the patterns on the fabric work nicely on stage.

The Bad: The skirts that Momoko and I think Saki have are really awkward, and there’s no way those things move well on stage. Also, since these are rocker costumes, it would be awesome if they didn’t use shiny fabric.

Overall: 3.5/5 These are good costumes – some of the best given to Berryz on their solo tours, but there are some little flaws and laziness in some of the designs that I don’t appreciate.

How Drunk Were They? Hung over and lazy. Did anyone other than me notice that Yurina’s costume is pretty much Berryz’s Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku costume made with shiny fabric?

The Plaid Mullets

The Good: While many fashion critics don’t appreciate mullet dresses, I like them in some contexts. I like the mullet cut of these dresses with this type of fabric. Also, those are boots to die for!

The Bad: While I may like the cut of the dress with this lighter fabric, I HATE HATE HATE it with the plaid fabric -particularly when the direction of the plaid isn’t matched. Furthermore, the marching band-style gold cords and the gold studs on the dress are really out of place on the plaid -again, something that might have looked okay with solid colors. On the long back of the dresses, too, the plaid looks like something straight off of a picnic blanket. These are also what they attached the red capes onto for the rendition of “Be Genki” during the concert. Bright red + pale plaid is something I never knew I didn’t want to see until now. Oh, and Miyabi – despite your posing in this dress, these are not and never will be sexy dresses.

Overall: 0.5/5 These had a tiny little ounce of potential with the design, but the fabric looks aweful, and makes the costumes look irredeemably horrific.

How Drunk Were they? Drunk enough to chop up stereotypical plaid picnic blankets and attempt to turn them into sexy superhero-ish dresses. Which, as we shall now note, is impossible.

The Red Uniforms

The Good: I really like the basic design for these: they’re cute, mature, and they have a color combo for a uniform like this that isn’t red and gold.

The Bad: Do they really have to slap badges everywhere on every costumes? Really? ‘Cause it’s ugly and unnecessary. Maybe one would be okay, but 5? And all those random chains, badges, and pins are ugly. Also, these look like a cheap knock-off of S/mileage’s Please Miniskirt Postwoman costumes. (Which, for the record, I adored.)

Overall: 3.5/5 These are good, but they could’ve been better if PMP hadn’t just come out a few months before this tour, and if there wasn’t random stuff all over.

How Drunk Were They? Do we even need to ask this anymore? They were obviously drunk when they slapped those random things everywhere on the jackets.


The Good: These are hero-ish. They look like about what I’d expect idol heroes to look like. I liked the Berryz Kamen costumes from a few years back, but these work. I really like how they kept the same colors they used for those original Berryz Kamen costumes here, and how they incorporated the more traditional superhero top onto the costumes. The capes also don’t look out of place with these costumes because they match the different costumes, and create a super-hero image.

The Bad: These could’ve had much less poof. Superheroes are tough, not cute. I can suspend the skirts and the frills on the boots as idol-ish, but the awkward poofy sleeves aren’t even good on idols.

Overall: 4/5 They made a costume that says “Berryz Koubou” and “Superhero.” The point off comes from the awkward puffy sleeves and the awkardly high waists.

How Drunk Were They? Well, everyone makes mistakes, even when sober. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

The Cafe Superheroes

The Good: Again – keeping their superhero colors is pretty cool. The tops are also nice, or at least the parts of the top that looks like a vest.

The Bad: These costumes make no sense. To those of you who have read Tokyo Mew Mew – you can either have the Cafe Mew Mew look or the Tokyo Mew Mew look, you can’t have both at once. It appears in this case they couldn’t decide which they wanted. The plaid, the sleeves, and the petticoat look like they would be a cute part of a cafe outfit, while the orange and purple vinyl say superhero. They look good separate, but together they look like a mess.

Overall: 1/5 These have very good parts, but two good parts don’t make a good whole. In fact, two very good parts of two very different costumes make a very bad whole.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to not realize what goes together.

C-ute’s Psychedelic Dresses

The Good: These dresses really fit the theme of the concert, and in the correct context rainbow fabric like this doesn’t look terrible. These dresses look like they belong in a concert or at a party of a psychedelic theme, and they certainly look like they belong at a C-ute concert with all of C-ute’s funky songs. The short skirts also show off the legs of the girls.

The Bad: The reason I put Mai’s picture here was because she had frills on the bottom. These dresses should remain shift dresses, and the frills just look awkward. Also, these dresses say “costume party” more than “60s or 70s,” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing considering that that seems to be the look they’re going for with the merchandise of the concert.

Overall: 4.5/5 These are good costumes for the theme of the concert and for the group. While there are some minor problems, the good outweighs the bad.

How Drunk Were They? They weren’t drunk, but they did do a mighty fine job at matching the merchandise.

The Flag Costumes

The Good: These are sexy – very fitting for the new grown-up image C-ute has been going for in the past few years. These are really turning up the sexy, and all of the girls know how to flaunt it in these.

The Bad: The red stripe down the top isn’t necessary. If these costumes were flat out white and gold, I think I’d love them a lot more. Speaking of white and gold, if those are the two colors, why use vastly different amounts of each color on the top and bottom – if you look at the bottoms and the top separately, you’d be hard-pressed to label the two as parts of the same costume. Also, Why add skirts of any sort if they don’t cover the booty shorts? We all know what’s under there. The fact that it’s fringe just makes the costumes look cheaper and more stripperific.

Overall: 3/5 There are some very good points of these, and there are some very bad points. I think these are a lot better than Berryz’s mix-and-match costumes, but there’s still room for improvement.

How Drunk Were They? They just didn’t know what matched what. Considering my headcanon, that means drunk.


Well, one more of these to go! It will chronicle recent single outfits and recent H!P costumes.


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Morning Musume Spring 2012 ~Ultra Smart~ Breakdown

Hi all!

Before I get to the rest of the costume reviews, I thought I’d throw this in here for good measure. This review is based off of the USB recording, and I don’t know if I’ll do the grad recording, but we’ll see what goes down.

1. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra The costumes are so ugly and  move so awkwardly that it’s hard to watch. It also appears that the bobby pins they needed to keep the hats on had nothing proper to anchor them down, so the bobby pins are very noticeable. The girls had energy, but since the crowd wasn’t into it at all, the performance seemed bland and less exciting. I think the fact that the fans weren’t responding says all you need to know about how good this was.

2. Guru Guru Jump I was shocked how quickly the atmosphere picked up in the concert hall. The fans suddenly started chanting as loud as they usually do, the girls seemed more energetic, and Mizuki’s voice was ADORABLE and more energetic than I’ve ever heard it when she said “Guru guru jump iku yo~!” Eripon sounds so much like Junjun here it’s not funny, and Kanon’s voice really is a dark horse – her singing gets better with every concert!

3. Kanashiki Koi no Melody This is definitely one of my candidates for Morning Musume Song of the Year for 2012. This song has good line distribution, a good beat, and it’s hard to get tired of. Even the lyrics are really good. The dance is pretty cool, and vocally, Rihoriho really shined. I’m really miffed that they cut out the 10ki lines, but I’ll get over it.

4. Give me Ai I didn’t know how I’d feel about this song when Ai-chan left. While Reina isn’t bad as the lead, she’s not Ai in this song. As for Riho, I was typing this listening to Reina, and Riho sounded SO GOOD that I didn’t even notice she had taken over for Reina until a few lines into her part! Gaki was also fierce in her solo lines! My main complaint for this song was how awkward it looked in those costumes, particularly the end of the dance break where they touch their legs.

5. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari JKM is a song that I think should be sung in every concert with new members so we can get to know them. My main complaint about the song is that I wished it was done in the same format as the original – with a group of girls singing about one of the other girls. Aika, Fukupon, Zukki, Ayumi, Masaki, and Kuduu all sounded really good! I think that Morning Musume’s new members have a lot more vocal talent than we give them credit for.

Also, Risa’s face when Eripon sang the line about loving her… !!!

6. Kaiketsu Positive A This song seems more suited to the younger voices in Morning Musume, so I’m quite confused as to why they gave most of the lines to Reina and Risa. I liked the Gaki and 10ki love in the dance break, but I think the choreography could’ve been a lot less spastic-looking for Gaki-san.

7. My Way ~Joshikou Hanamichi~  The energy is starting to go a little down with the end of the set, and you can tell the voices of the newer members are getting tired, but they still sounded good as a group. I loved how creative the dance break choreo got with the screen.  Also, did that ending pose remind anyone else of a MomoClo Z pose?

8. Otome no Timing Kanon sounds decent here, but she’s obviously pretty tired. Aika sounds really annoying here on her later solo lines. Honestly, the only exciting thing about this song to me is getting to hear Zukki sing solo lines.

9. Silver no Udedokei This song’s intro is so great! Also, the placement of the Risa and Aika was really creative and kinda badass. Everything in this song sounds great from the singing to the rapping to the back track. I also like how they used they sang the second verse of the song this time to give some variety from the fall concert.

10. Suki da na Kimi Ga This song is pure cute and sexy all wrapped into one. It was nice that they also did the second verse for this one. Despite looking bored and such in the fall performance of this song, Mizuki looked perfectly in sync and at the right energy level for this song on this go around of it!

11. Suki na Sempai This song has become a classic new member and a classic 5th gen song, so I’m wondering who will sing it at Risa’s graduation… Anyway, Masaki’s mic seems really low on her first line. (And is it just me, or did she almost trip on the stairs at the beginning?) While Haruna still needs some work on her singing, the 10kis sound much better singing this song on their first tour than the 9kis did last spring.

12. Namida Tomaranai Hougaku Speaking of the new members singing really well, the 9kis are finally getting really good at singing, themselves! Riho and Mizuki sound amazing, while Zukki sounds good, and Erina is starting to catch up. The harmonies are also very clear and very good. I think this is the most I’ve ever enjoyed this song.

13. Genki Pika Pika The energy the new members bring to this song is just what I needed to sit through it. Because I really, really do not like this song. Seeing them sing this song as a group and do it really well with the wotas behind them 100% is just what I needed to be convinced that they’ll carry the group just fine.

14. Aki Urara I love this song, and I think that this song is perfect for her voice. Having Riho and Ayumi back her up was also a really smart decision since their voices complement hers so well on the parts where they need the back up singing. Their incorporation into the choreography is also very creative and it fits the song very well – it almost seems like Gaki is telling the story of her love to them.

15. Shanimuni Paradise is the typical genki sempai song. I really liked it at first, but then I started to hear how annoying it sounds with any voice other than Reina’s. Aika’s voice also sounds kinda decent with the song, but there’s really no perfect voice for the song. While the costumes look great, the song doesn’t fit them at all, and it’s awkward to see such a happy song with such intense costumes.

16. Good Bye Natsuo This song, despite not being a Morning Musume song, is perfect for this duo. I don’t know why, but no one can sing this song in a duet quite like they can! Sayumi sounds better than usual here, and Reina makes her voice match Sayu’s so nicely so that one girl doesn’t outshine the other. They really are the H!P dream duo to me right now.

17. Medley I love the old song love. I love all of these older album songs! The cover-ups they’re wearing are really ugly- like something straight out of an 80’s hair metal concert. HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS JAPAN just isn’t that fierce without Eri, Junjun, and Linlin. Risa keeps it pretty fierce, but those three made this song for me. I like TOP, but I like it with this new back track and the revamped choreography better. Every time they change the choreography for Ikkimasshoi, I hate it more. Yamate yo Sinbad is really good with this line-up. It really works well with the energy they have. I also need to give a big shoutout to how awesome Ayumi was throughout the medley. The transitions between songs were AMAZING. I just loved ’em!

18. Sono Bamen … Jan  I think this song should’ve been released with this line-up. I really like the way the 10ki and 9ki voices sound in it. It’s just perfect for those two generations. The beginning of the dance break is really awesome, too.

19. Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai This song was really cute as usual. I LOVE the way that Sayu really almost acts out the lines with her vocal inflection. The choreography is also really cute, particularly in the duos and trios. It was nice how they used the PV backgrounds on the large screen, too. Towards the end of the song, it almost seemed like the crowd was infused with a new burst of energy, which I loved!

20. OK YEAH! OK YEAH is the pump up a crowd. The energy in this song at the end of such a long set was very impressive. I also really like how Sayu and Riho have really stepped up in this song and are sounding very good. Reina’s held notes are really clear this time around, also. It was fun how the lights in the background were flashing the member colors. I wish there was more movement around the stage, but I guess since this is a crowd-oriented song, it’s good to have them by the crowd for it.

21. Auiteru is the perfect ending song for any Morning Musume concert. I really like the intro they used for this concert. The singing at the beginning was a little pained, but it is the last song in the longest set. I thought it was really cute how they highlighted Risa, too! And I almost cried when I heard the crowd joining in. I think this is the moment in the concert that will have me bawling when Risa actually graduates.

22. Renai Hunter Renai Hunter is the new single, and is therefore performed in the encore, like Only You was last year. This song is so much more intense and the dance is so much less dorky on that stage in that lighting. Oh, and RIHO~~~~!!! I really didn’t think she could sing THAT well last spring, but man has she surprised me!

23. Namidacchi I love this song, but I feel like it is more the ending song for the Eri/Jun/Lin 8/9nin era, so I don’t really feel like it’s ever good anymore now that that line up isn’t singing it. I mean it isn’t bad, it just isn’t as good as it was – it doesn’t make me cry or feel anything any more when Linlin and Sayumi duo doesn’t start it out for some reason.


Also, for my feelings on Aika’s graduation – I knew it was coming since last fall, after they kept pushing back her return date pretty much every time there was a new event or performance. She was the first member I ever saw join Morning Musume, but other than that I was never a huge fan of her’s past Egao YES Nude. I have her trading card that came with Sexy 8 Beat, and that’s all the merchandise I’ve ever wanted from her. I wish her luck with her continuing endeavors in Hello!Project, and I hope that she’ll have a good carrer in the future.


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Morning Musume and DMM Costume Review


I guess I will get this post in tonight.

Fyi, this post does not include all costumes from DMM, simply because I just didn’t want to bother with all of them. Most of their costumes are just “meh,” so I didn’t think that many people would want a whole post of meh.

So, without further ado, we start with Dream Morning Musume!

The Red and Gold Outfits

The Good: Considering that this is Dream Morning Musume – a group celebrating Morning Musume’s past – it’s great that I see them using the colors red and gold. I mean, if there are any two colors that have been prominent in Morning Musume’s history. Red has been a color often used for Morning Musume in Hello!Project collabs and concert goods. Gold was the color of the MM arches in Morning Musume’s golden era. The combination of the two has been used in quite a few Morning Musume concert outfits. Not only are the colors good, but the vest, shorts, and poof on the shorts make for a sexy but sophisticated concert outfit.

The Bad: The shorts poof may look good, but the shoulder poof just looks uncomfortable, ugly, and unnecessary. Probably the worst part is that this poof might be acceptable if it was much smaller, or if those two fabrics were used to make a tie or something.

Overall: 3.5/5 – It’s on the road to sexy sophistication that celebrates MoMusu’s history, but it’s hard to make poofy shoulders sexy or not awkward.

How Drunk Were They? Hmm… Well, it was a very good idea, but they may have been a little buzzed when they decided to add the extra poof to the shoulder. That or they didn’t try it on anyone and realize how awkward it is to look at and wear.

Black and Pink

The Great: I love love love black and pink dresses. I really do. And by pink,  I mean powder pink. Quite a few of my dresses are pink with black lace. The colors complement each other very well – they show the girly innocence of a soft pink, but also shows a more mature side with black lace. I think the combo of the two is perfect for young women around their late teens, 20’s, and early ’30s – right around where most Dream Morning Musume members are age-wise.

The Bad: Some of the individual designs don’t have great sleeves – they’re too puffy, too long, or too existent.

Overall: 4.5/5 – Some of the minor decisions weren’t spot on, but the majority of the designs and the color combo are strong enough to keep it good.

How Drunk Were They? Sober. There were minor mistakes on the sleeves, but nothing that was terrible.

The Blue Dresses

The Good: Well, I guess the fabric is kinda cool in moderation, and the idea of a big, flowy sleeve to move with the dancing.

The Bad: These look like a mix of curtains and Mother of the Bride dresses. The ugly pattern of the fabric is noticeable when the whole dress is made out of it, and the fact that it’s satin makes it look uglier. The awkward extra flowing fabric on the sleeve isn’t pretty – it’s just distracting and awkward, particularly since that fabric looks far too heavy to flow with their movements. Oh, and making a diagonal hemline? You’re doing it wrong. Either that, or you’re just  really really bad at hemming stuff. Oh, and having a short sleeve to “balance out” those huge, over-sized fabric wings is a really, really bad idea.

Overall: 1/5 – A good idea gone really, really bad.

How Drunk Were They? Apparently drunk enough that they couldn’t pick out good fabric for what they wanted to do, couldn’t sew well, and couldn’t design well.

Okay, on to Morning Musume!!!

The Princesses, Pages, and Knights

The Good: I LOVE the fake metal, the idea of the set, and the general designs of the set costumes. It’s also cool to see some of the roles reversed – with Gaki finally becoming a princess, and Sayumin finally being a knight! It’s also really nice that they had the 9th and 10th gen dresses look like those of pages.

The Bad: There’s a lot of extra tulle on Reina’s skirt that just seems awkward. I don’t always mind the girls not having their member colors, but when some girls have different colors while others (the 9 and 10 kis) have the same colors and essentially the same costumes, it gets to looking like there’s two different costume sets on stage. Either have all the girls have similar designs and a good color distribution, or have everyone have a unique design (with a common theme) and unique colors.

Overall: 3/5 – While the concept and the costumes are good individually, when they’re all put together they create an awkward, disconnected image on stage.

How Drunk Were They? No so much drunk as they were incredibly hung-over and therefore too lazy to make more than 6 designs. These were presumably made the morning after they made those blue dresses for Dream Morning Musume.

The Pink, Red, and White Outfits

The Good: These have a really strong design and look really good on everyone. The vibrant red and fuchsia look great against the white tops and the skin colors of the various members. The flowers on the skirt look like spiky fabric instead of random flowers that have attacked the skirt. The gloves and the flowers on the top make the outfits look really classy, but the gun and the skirts make these outfits more like classy badass – which is not a bad thing. The hairpieces are also really cute, fashionable, complement the outfits perfectly, and are not too overdone.

The Bad: It’s really awkward to have the sempais have red while the kouhai have fuchsia for the accents. I understand separating the two groups, but it’s also nice to see an even number in each color. Maybe if they did it by sempai (maroon), 9th gen (red), and 10th gen (fuchsia) it would look better.

Overall: 4.5/5 – Again, it’s a color distribution problem that takes points off.

How Drunk Were They? Not drunk, per se, but they may have decided the colors in these the same morning as the previously mentioned costumes.

The Yellow and White Costumes

The Good: Well, umm… It’s…. unique?

The Bad: Honestly? These are ugly. Just look at Risa’s hat? What’s up with that random red stripe on it? And why did they attack more costumes with yellow fluff? How did they get those hula hoops in the skirts and did they honestly think they wouldn’t make the skirts awkwardly shaped and bad-looking? Is that lace on the sleeves? That’s shiny white fabric, isn’t it? Did they really put plush chicks on some of the costumes?

Overall: 0/5 – fluff attacks are not appreciated by me on any level, let alone fluff attacks combined with shinyness and fuzzy fabric (like the 10th and 9th gen had)

How Drunk Were They? Apparently so drunk they just had to make a bet with each other that they couldn’t possibly make the Pyoko Pyoku Ultra costumes worse. And then raided the fabric and fluff room, drunkenly confiscated all of the chick plushies from the local crane game, and realized they could somehow make those disastrous costumes that looked like they were made in the image the love-child of of Big Bird and Kermit the Frog worse. Then decided that everyone needed bad hats.

The Onesies

The Good: I usually like the costumes that match the fan colors. These are no exceptions. They’re cute and kinda boyish, but not ugly or sloppy-looking. Also, I like how the hoods are there for the sake of being an accessory. Hoods can be worn, but they shouldn’t be worn if you’re intending to look good unless it’s pouring and you have no umbrella. Double-zippers are also really cool, and they’re handy if you are too hot, for the record.

The Bad: These would’ve been better if they used different fabric. Having flowery lace as a part of a design for slightly more boyish looking stuff is really awkward. Oh, and when the bottom of the double-zipper is unzipped we notice:

That the trunks don’t match the outfit. This isn’t always a bad thing, because you can’t always see trunks that easily if at all, and are just there in case of an up-skirt. When there’s lots of times where can see the trunks, like in this outfit (if the girls raise their arms, the zipper is undone on the bottom, etc.) you should spend the money to get trunks that’ll at least have fabric that’s the same color or fabric as the outfit.

Overall: 4/5 – There are some minor problems with these outfits, but they don’t effect the entire set, and the set is cute enough, and Midori-fodder enough to get a passing grade.

How Drunk Were They? Drunk enough to not pick out the right lace, the right fabric, or the right trunks for the job. Either that or too hungover to care.


Well, expect more of these coming down teh pipeline!


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Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it. Well, I’m happy to announce that my most popular series – my costume review series – will be updated with three new posts soon. Finals week is coming up next week, so these posts may be spread out between before and after finals week. In fact, since I’m putting off studying until tomorrow, there may even be a post tonight.

In case you were wondering why there’s three posts (other than my lack of posting recently), here are the Categories for the posts:

1. Morning Musume/Dream Morning Musume

2. H!P Kids Costumes

3.  Misc. H!P costumes and Single Costumes


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Why Momoiro Clover Z is Growing on Me


Skating season is over for the most part, so I’m going to try to fill the void in my schedule with studying and some blogging. (Yay!)

At college, aside from sleeping and studying, I attend the anime club. When the new series for the semester were revealed, I noticed the opening to Moretsu Space Pirates sounded like it was familiar for some reason. Then when the song credits came on, I noticed it was sung by Momoiro Clover. I loved the song, and so I looked more into them. I knew that I loved Mirai Bowl, and that Hayami Akari (one of my favorite idols) was a member until last spring, but I didn’t know much else about them. I’d heard quite a few of their songs, seen their costumes, and watched their very impressive dancing. I followed the mania in blogging community when they released their first major single, and I saw them on various idol specials and music shows with misc. H!P groups from time to time. Now that I had a second song of theirs that I really liked, I knew that I should start paying more attention to them as an idol group. When I realized that the ending to Moretsu Pirates was also a Momoclo song, I just had to look more into the group. When I saw the outfits for their new single, I became a MomoClo stalking zombie for an evening.

So, I asked myself, why do I love MomoClo, and why have they attracted me so much more easily than, say, the ***48 groups or Idolling!!?

That answer seemed easy at first, but then I realized there were a number of factors leading up to my new-found love of them. The first thing I think was the first thing I ever noticed about the group: each girl always wears the same color. It makes each girl very easy to recognize so that you never have to guess which girl is which for your first few days/weeks/months of fandom. (Depending on how easily you recognize faces) This also makes it easy to connect to a girl. Sure, Hello!Project may have member colors, but you aren’t always wearing the same color as your favorite member, and for all you know, your least favorite member might have a costume in your T-shirt color for that tour. Momoiro Clover’s system makes it very easy to feel connected to your favorite girl, or to find a favorite girl. In fact, the reason Momoka is my favorite member now (formerly 2nd behind Akari) is because her color is green, which is my favorite color, so my eye is always drawn to her costumes.

Another thing I noticed, along with everyone else, is their dancing. While their singing isn’t always the most pleasant to listen to, their dancing talent is great for idols. They’re all very flexible and can do some amazing acrobatic leaping. Also, even when they don’t lipsync, they don’t often sound tired after the amazingly complex dances they do! It always impresses me how intense their dances are. While H!P draws me to it for its singing and some of its dancers, Momoclo’s dances never fail to impress me. On the other hand, ***48 groups have neither great dancing (I must admit, some of their members are good dancers individually, but as a whole group, or even in trios, their dancing is always really sloppy) or great singing (sad considering I’ve only seen them lipsync outside of the karaoke contest). Momoka’s singing isn’t that bad, either, and the leader and sub-leader are decent singers for your average idol. They also all have strong personalities, and every single girl gets her screen time and singing in PVs and on TV. Their personalities get to shine quite a bit since they get to have really cool and unique events and TV gigs that no other idol groups take. (Such as wrestling themed shows and indoor water parks)

Even more than their events, though, their recent PVs just draw me in. Pinky Jones had pretty stereotyped costumes, sure, but the PV was hilarious and rather fun – like something off the set of a Japanese variety show. The Mirai Bowl PV’s bowling battle was epic and the simple yet cute plot really drew me in. Their Christmas-themed PV may have had downright bizarre costumes, but it was a very enjoyable PV. And the super hero PV was great! Not to mention their hilarious drunk office-worker costumes or their ninja get-ups. I think everything they do has a humor to it, and that really gets me liking stuff.

I think the biggest thing about MomoClo that makes me like them, though, is the fan base. Most international Momoiro Clover fans seem to be fans of other groups, too, so they’re all very non-competitive in their love for the group. I think it’s so great to be a part of a fan community that doesn’t fight within itself or with other fan communities. I love being able to read a forum or a comments section that isn’t full of “____ sucks!” or “<group/person name here> is so much better,” and of course my ‘favorite’: “____ should have gotten more lines! ____/____ suck because they are attention hogs!” I never have to deal with any of that in any Momoclo fan post of any sort. Even from people who don’t know the group that well. The fans like the group and don’t feel threatened by other groups or members of the group that aren’t their favorite. It makes for reading of discussion that’s easy on my stomach, and doesn’t make me want to throw up every other poster.

Well, don’t worry, I’m still sticking to my Hello!Project fandom as my main one for now, but Momoiro Clover Z is becoming a more and more appealing idol group to support for me every day.


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Morning Musume Sales VS. Member Additions/Graduations


I decided to make a chart to see if Graduations/Additions of certain members actually had an impact on sales, or if there was a trend at all. Here are my findings.

(I made a second graph from 2007-2011 since that’s when sales became hard to read in the grand scheme of things on the regular chart.)

Note: Red lines are where a graduation happens, and a green line is where a member addition happens

Also: The dates are not even because these are the months of singles released, and the intervals between single releases hasn’t always been even.


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